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“O, Reader Mine,”: The Lore of Destiny 2’s Wish Dragons

Think you know a lot about wish dragons? Check this out to see how wrong you are.

“O, Reader Mine,”- The Lore of Destiny 2's Wish Dragons

An analysis of the Ahamkara

Through the Eyes of a Guardian

Enter the Wish Dragon

Before the events of Destiny, a race of draconic beings escaped the Primordial Garden alongside the Worm Gods. These were the Ahamkara and their immense power would be feared throughout the entire universe. Many would study the Ahamkara including the awoken, Ikora Rey, Xivu Arath, and the Ishtar Academy. The Ahamkara arrived in Sol when the Traveller first touched down and were rumored to have been sent by the Nine to keep tabs on the Traveller. The wish dragons were shapeshifters that could vary in size and appearance based on what the viewer imagined; for example, when Riven arrived in the Dreaming City she was a child and could fit in the palm of Uldren Sov’s hand, but when encountered on Venus by Iron Lord Gheleon the dragon appeared to tower over the Iron Lord and take on a monstrous reptilian shape. Allow me to dive deeper into the true power and history of the Ahamkara.

Anthem Anathema

While also being shapeshifters and wish granters the true power of the Ahamkara lies in the magic of anthem anathema. Anthem anathema is a phrase that entraps the listener in its phrasing; for example, Riven said, O, murder mine,” which entrapped us in a cycle to be the wish dragons demise. The anthem begins with “O/Oh” then contains a subject and concludes with “mine.” Other beings to use anthem anathema are the Worm Gods, Emperor Calus, and as of now the Destiny News Hub. (Got to love that title right). Now that we know the true purpose of their powers let’s outline a history of the Ahamkara.

The Great Ahamkara Hunt

The Great Hunt was initialized by the Guardians after many died at the hands of the dragons. The awoken aided in the hunt after Queen Mara Sov locked Riven away in the Dreaming City, in order to use her power in secret. Planets where the Ahamkara were found were Earth, Jupiter, Venus, and Io as well as the Reef and the Dreaming City. During the hunt the Ahamkara attempted to terraform on Venus; no knowledge is known why they did this. The hunt drove the Ahamkara extinct and until Forsaken we had only seen the bones of these beasts.

Who Were the Ahamkara?


Riven of a Thousand Voices

Riven is the only living Ahamkara and was the only Ahamkara to grow up in the Dreamimg City. Riven was taken by Oryx during the Taken War and was reclaimed by Savathûn after Oryx’s death. Riven manipulated the events of Forsaken and was eliminated in the Last Wish raid.


Azirim was located in the Reef after being barred from the Dreaming City. This did not stop the trickster though. Azirim was a a troublemaker and invaded the Dreaming City in the disguise of Esilia, an awoken scholar. In this form he convinced a large group of awoken to jump off a cliff. He gained power in their deaths. It is unknown if Azirim died in the Great Hunt seeing as he vanished after his massacre of the awoken.

Huginn & Muninn

Harbinger’s Seclude

Huginn was a storyteller who loved to recite awoken myths. Huginn and Muninn resided in Harbinger’s Seclude in the Dreaming City. Both Wish Dragons would die during the Great Hunt and their bones would be displayed in their former home to reward those who provided proper boons in exchange.


Little is known about Maladh other than that he died on Venus during the Great Hunt.


Bones of Eao, Destiny (2014)

Eao was a storyteller who lived with the Awoken. Eao became a traitor when she threatened to reveal all of the awoken’s secrets to the Warlocks of the Last City. For her threats, Sjur Eido hunted and killed the Ahamkara. However, her bones would still be sold to a warlock who would graft them onto the hunter exotic boots, The Bones of Eao.

This is everything we know on the Ahamkara. Do you hope to see more on the wish dragons in the future or are they better off dead?

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