There’s a new boss available in the Sundial activity, the one that’s only available during Season of Dawn, and it’s the best boss yet. All previous bosses for the activity have been mediocre at best, but this one makes for a phenomenal fight that feels like a joy to play.

Every run of the Sundial always ends with a fight against a Psion Flayer. All of the bosses up until this week have been pretty weak, with extremely similar mechanics that aren’t all that challenging to work out. Inotam, Oblivion’s Triune however, is a completely different beast entirely, one that’s extremely fun to fight.

The key difference with Inotam is that she uses mechanics from all three previous bosses, Ozletc, Tazaroc, and Niruul. Instead of taking out Psions around the arena in order to bring down the shield surrounding Inotam, Guardians need to slowly activate one of three plates around the place. Whilst activating the plate, hordes of Cabal will descend to make the fireteam’s lives a living hell, until that shield is dropped of course.

This switch up in mechanics makes for a much more enjoyable experience. This boss is fun to fight on any difficulty mode, so there’s no temptation to take her down once and then leave it for the rest of the season. That wouldn’t help you out with Empyrean Foundation anyway.

In addition to being super fun to kill, Inotam will drop a new lore page, which mentions a sister who would seek revenge on anyone who killed her. This is a really fresh way to end a season, and it’s a big step up from the end of Season of the Undying.

When Ikora managed to complete her Vex Portal towards the end of Season of the Undying, it was meant to be the pinnacle of everything that Guardians had been fighting towards for the who season leading up to that point. Unfortunately it was effectively exactly the same as Vex Offensive had been in every other run, and it felt incredibly dull.

Bungie probably planned the Sundial quite a long time ago, but I’m glad that it’s ending on such a high compared to last season’s activity. There’s nothing worse than being burnt out on a game, being told you’ll get something new, and finding out that it’s something old with a new name. I hope Bungie take note from here on out and stick to the Sundial format.

Let us know what you think of Inotam in the comments.

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