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One Destiny 2 Shader Is Earning Streamers Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars

This Bungie Twitch bounty Shader is making streamers some mad cash.


Bungie recently announced a new Twitch bounty, which allows viewers to get a unique Shader in Destiny 2 if they gift two subs to other viewers. This is just the latest evolution of Twitch extensions pushing for more engagement between viewers and streamers, and with this community at least, it seems to be working.

This new bounty has seen viewers donating hundreds of thousands of dollars around various Twitch streamers. The reason that the community has latched onto this so much is because of the exclusivity of the Shader you get. This isn’t a Shader you can pick up in the game, you can only get it through this bounty.

The cost to viewers of gifting a single sub is $5, so $10 in total if you want this Shader. Most streamers, at least those who are popular, will get about $7 out of that $10. This might not seem like a lot, but as Forbes has pointed out, it all adds up pretty quickly.

The most explosive growth that this bounty has caused was with Gladd, arguably the biggest Destiny 2 streamer out there. He was getting a new sub every five minutes or so, and earned around 28,137 new subs. From these subs alone, which are almost definitely the result of this promotion, he earned $98,379 before tax. He’ll have to a pay a big chunk of that in taxes, as you’d expect, but that’s still his revenue from just this promotion in a single month.

Other Destiny 2 streamers have been reporting similarly increased sub numbers for their latest streams, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars being generated for these content creators. Considering that some of these streamers aren’t even exclusively streaming Destiny 2, this is an extremely lucrative game for them to spend any time in right now.

After being told by these streamers that their content isn’t good enough, Bungie is effectively paying their bills for the next year. It’s a bit weird to think about and see happening, but I think this could be a way for other developers to boost interest in their games moving forward.

Twitch is very smart when it comes to promotions for games and streamers, and here they seem to have hit a bit of a gold mine. From Gladd’s subs alone the company will have earned $42,205. Get used to these sorts of promotions, because more are almost certainly on the way.

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Image Source: Frondtech

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