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Destiny 2 Monty Python Emote Removed And Golden Sevens Bundle Added


Earlier this week Bungie did a couple of things, one we can deem pretty damn necessary, and the other is adding to a large debate that’s going on around video games at this point in time. Both however, relate to items you can purchase from the Eververse Kiosk.

The Monty Python emote, you know the one I mean and if you don’t then you need to go and Google something called the Ministry of Silly Walks, has been removed from Destiny 2. The emote replicated the incredibly funny and famous walk that is performed as part of this comedy sketch, but they’ve given no official reason for doing so.

Said emote has been used numerous times by YouTubers in order to glitch through walls and get into places that Guardians aren’t supposed to be in. One highly-viewed video shows a YouTuber using the emote behind the Postmaster and Eververse Kiosks in the Tower and ending up behind the desks with the vendors. While this is hilarious it’s definitely not what Bungie wants players to be doing with their time, and so as of this week the emote was removed from sale.

While there’s no word on whether or not the exploit will be fixed, and I’m using the term exploit incredibly loosely here, the emote is now no longer available for sale and will not drop from Bright Engrams. It’s worth noting that the glitch only started happening when the emote became available for sale individually.

Now onto the second point in this article, the Golden Sevens Bundle. The bundle contains seven Bright Engrams, seven Shaders, 500 Bright Dust, and a Ship named Nothing Gold, which is unique to the bundle. There is some confusion as to whether the bundles are still live or not, as some players can’t see them, but this could be because of the impending PC launch of Destiny 2.

But in order to get the Golden Sevens Bundle players need to pay real money, something which has been bitterly complained about in the news recently with both Forza 7 and Middle-Earth Shadow of War locking certain items behind similar loot boxes. Do any of you think the Golden Sevens Bundles are worth the 2000 Silver you need to buy with real money in order to acquire them?

Image Source: Gamespot

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