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Crimson Days 2020 Kicks Off Today


Crimson Days is my highlight of all of Destiny 2’s in-game events. Today the event returns once again, and it looks like it’s going to be as fantastic as it always is, if not even better. We might not have all the details just yet, but we do know what’s likely to come to the game today, so let’s get excited about it.

Crimson Doubles

Crimson Doubles is the Crimson Days activity that comes to the game each year. It’s a unique Crucible game mode that’s geared to pairs of Guardians fighting off against one another. Two pairs will enter a match, and they must get enough kills to come out on top before the timer ends.

The Crucible mode has a unique mechanic to it. If a pair of Guardians sticks together during the match, they’ll each receive a buff that boosts various stats like speed and recovery. If the pair get too far away from each other though, they get debuffs to stats, and their locations will be marked through all barriers on the map for the enemy team to see.

Therefore, in this Crucible mode, it’s important for Guardians to stick with each other for the entire match. There’s no room for lone wolves in this event, but you’ll be handsomely rewarded for working together with others.

The Vow

The Vow is a Legendary Bow that can only be earned during Crimson Days. It’s earned by completing all of the Bounties for the event, as well as the weapon-specific one which has a number of stages. Once earned, you’ll have an instantly Masterworked Legendary Bow, one of the best in Destiny 2.

We’ll do an in-depth look at The Vow this week, but all you need to know right now is that it makes you faster, shoots faster than normal bows, and is incredibly accurate. I still run with this as my main weapon one year on from getting it, that’s how good it is.


Of course there are brand new cosmetics to earn with Crimson Days 2020. This year’s event will add even more cosmetics to the range already on offer, but it’ll also be possible to earn the ones that were previously available too. This year Bungie is making a special Emblem available via Bungie Rewards too.

The Emblem is called In The Valley, and while it’s not up on Bungie Rewards just yet, it’ll be part of that system. The requirement is that you need to complete the Crimson Days Triumph Seal for 2020, which will probably consist of loads of Bounty and match completions. We’ll update you on this once we know more.

Let us know what you think of Crimson Days in the comments.


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