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Changes Coming To Eververse Later In 2019


Bungie have made some big changes to Eververse this year already. They’ve completely redesigned to store to look a lot like the one you see in Anthem, take that how you will, but there are way more changes on the way. Bungie touched on some of these in their recent livestream, but they didn’t cover everything. What they did touch on in the livestream they didn’t do so in any great detail, so they’ve fleshed out their plans slightly for us. Let’s dive in and see what’s going to change this Autumn.


Laster this year Bungie is releasing Universal Ornaments, which will change the way Eververse gear works forever. As you can tell from their name, these Ornaments can be used on any piece of Legendary Armour, but the big difference is that you’ll be able to keep all the mods, perks and stats of that Armour.

An example of how this would work, should you be so inclined, is that you can put the 2018 Festival of the Lost Titan Helmet onto a different piece of armour to make it look like that particular item. These are all unlocked in your collections, and once you own them, you can apply them to any piece of Legendary Armour.

It’s a bit of a build in progress but below is an image of what I’ve just described.

The Evolution of Bright Dust

Bright Dust has traditionally been a case of destroying everything you get from Bright Engrams, and waiting until the item you want comes up for sale for the currency. Surprisingly this wasn’t the intention for the currency that Bungie had, so they’re changing the way it works.

Bright Dust will be changing from a currency only available through in-game microtransactions and the destruction of cosmetics, to an earned currency. This means that as of the change we can all earn Bright Dust from Bounties, and that’s mind-blowing! This currency has been the bane of many Guardian’s lives ever since it was introduced, but now it may well be saving its own reputation.

Another change involving Bright Dust is that it will no longer be required to buy Eververse items from your collection. This has always been the case, but now those items will be available for Glimmer and Legendary Shards. This change will take effect on the 17th of September.

Eververse Item Dismantling

As I’ve already said, traditionally we would all dismantle Eververse items earned from Bright Engrams in order to get the Bright Dust stored in them. Now however, they won’t break down into Bright Dust, but Legendary Shards and Glimmer. Bungie have actually pointed out that now is the time to dismantle unused Eververse items to get the most out of Bright Dust in its current state.

So to summarise; Eververse is changing so that every Armour piece is an Ornament for any Legendary Armour. We won’t need to dismantle to get Bright Dust soon, just play Destiny 2, and the cost of Eververse items from collections is changing to Legendary Shards and Glimmer. All of these changes take effect on the 17th of September, when Shadowkeep will launch.

I’m quite impressed that Bungie is making these changes, and it says to me that Activision was behind a lot of the decisions regarding the monetisation of Destiny 2. Let us know what you think of all that in the comments, particularly if you believe it was Activision holding the microtransaction controls and not Bungie.

Image Source: DestinyTracker


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