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Little Light, The Destiny Inventory Manager/Companion


Little Light is a community made Destiny inventory manager and companion app. The application was posted about recently on the Destiny Subreddit, and even though it’s been around for a while we thought we’d showcase it because a fan made it, but also because it’s incredibly useful. The following is a thread on twitter that showcases the application, but we’ll go through the features for you here just to do it justice.

Little Light has a huge number of features. A brief overview of them are as follows.

  • Multi-Transfer – You can long press on items to transfer multiples at once
  • Advanced Search – You can search for specific items by names, perks, and item types. It’s also possible to combine multiple parameters to search
  • Loadouts – Little Light features a loadout builder that allows you to put together your favourite builds. This also allows you to create builds with specific open spots for loot that you want to pick up. Builds can be searched for with the same parameters as specific items
  • Collections – You can check every item in your collection, and all the possible rolls for those items too
  • Item Details – Details on every item, even ones you don’t own, can be checked. Items include lore, stats, perks, mods, and Chalice recipies
  • Triumphs – You can check your progress across all Triumphs, as well as what you need to do to complete them. this feature also lets you read the lore associated with specific Triumphs
  • Progress Tracking – You can check progress across a number of pursuits, including Raid Phases, Bounties, Quests as well as ranks in the Crucible and Gambit. It’s also possible to search for specific Quests or Bounties via specific search parameters

This app is incredibly powerful, and has a lot of tools that you can take advantage of. If you’re playing Destiny 2 a lot then some of the features, such as the ability to be able to create specific builds, is really useful. I also think that being able to view collections and Triumphs without going into the in-game menus is probably the best thing since Destiny 2 launched. I cannot stress how much of a problem I have with going into the menus in Destiny 2, and this app just removes the need for that almost entirely.

Download Little Light

Let us know what you think of Little Light in the comments.

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