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Happy Gjallarhorn Day 2019


Happy Gjallarhorn Day 2019 Guardians! Today is the fourth annual celebration of the day that Xur turned up in Destiny 1 selling Gjallarhorn, a momentus day. I’m sure you all remember buying yours after years of waiting, I know I do.

So to confirm, on the 14th of August 2015 to be exact, Xur came to the world of Destiny 1 like he did, and still does, every Friday. However, this week in particular he chose to bless us with Gjallarhorn, a phenomenal weapon that obliterates anything in its path, and I imagine it still would if it were in Destiny 2. Every year the Destiny 2 community celebrates Gjallarhorn day on the closest Friday to the actual date, which is today!

How Does The Community Celebrate Gjallarhorn Day?

If you’re new to Destiny 2 then we’ll outline this year’s celebrations here. They mostly have something to do with the community Subreddit, so you may want to get involved in that if you aren’t already.

For 24 hours rules 2, 3, and 6 of the Subreddit are suspended. Rule 2 punishes Guardians for making low-effort posts, low quality posts, or reposts. Rule 3 punishes those posting memes, and Rule 6 stipulates that no Clan, group, or LFG posts can be made. As you can imagine this keeps the Subreddit fairly minimal, and up to date with the most recent and informative content on the game. Now however, it’s going to become a cesspool of Destiny 2 memes, requests for help in raids, and YouTube videos.

Now we have a few special links to help you revel in Gjallarhorn Day 2019.

  • First up is the Xur Megathread link for the Subreddit on the very first Gjallarhorn Day
  • Here’s a link to what happened next. Basically the mods changed the background of the Subreddit to a gif of raining Gjallarhorns, and went AFK for 24 hours while the Subreddit descended into chaos
  • This is a link to a picture of a dog that got upvoted on the day way too much
  • This is a link to a post of someone who found a Guardian who got way too carried away about Gjallarhorn Day
  • Not sure how we explain this one, but it exists
  • This link is for the original Gjallarhorn Day, it was week 2 of Destiny 1 and Xur sold the weapon, but no one thought it was worth it. How wrong we were
  • This is an awesome digital painting of Gjallarhorn
  • This is a cool gif of the original Gjallarhorn evolving into the one we all crafted in Rise of Iron
  • This link has some expired content, but someone literally shaved their head because their Gjallarhorn got so many upvotes
  • Someone also shaved their legs and wrote Gjallarhorn on one of them in celebration of upvotes
  • And someone else shaving their eyebrows apparently
  • This post is how well Trials of Osiris went on Gjallarhorn Day
  • This is a post of a cat, that everyone upvoted while the mods took a break
  • Someone gave DeeJ a shout out because he didn’t get Gjallarhorn in Destiny 1 week 2 either
  • This link was the most heartwarming. A man’s father texted him and talked him through buying Gjallarhorn for both of them, then they played Destiny 1 together with their new weapons
  • This was the beginning of Gjallarhorn Day
  • This post marks the point when the mods returned, but they still allowed us to have fun in one single place at least

The goal every year is to get the Destiny Subreddit featured in as many places as possible through the sheet power of the mods not monitoring it. Hopefully we manage it this year. If you haven’t already, get over there and post something funny, serious, or just your love for this community. We will be.

Just in case you missed it, we’ve already written about how likely it is that Gjallarhorn will return to Destiny 2.

Let us know what you’re doing to celebrate Gjallarhorn Day in the comments.


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