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Destiny Xur’s Inventory: Should You Buy Telesto?


For those paying attention to Xur’s inventory this week you’ll know he’s brought a pretty decent Special weapon with him, Telesto. This weapon is more like the Needler from the Halos series than anything else out there, and that’s thanks to it’s unique exotic perk.

Unplanned Reprieve, a perk that causes fusion projectiles to attach and detonate with a delayed Void blast. This is what makes the Fusion Rifle look and act so much like the Needler, the fact that you see those projectiles fire away and lodge themselves in your enemy, only to explode moments later. It’s so incredibly satisfying to pump ta Guardian full of those Fusion Projectiles, watch them move out of the way and think they’ve survived, only to explode in a glorious purple blast that you can see from miles back.

When it comes to PVE this weapon is brilliant, it looks really cool and the fact that you can pump enemies full of damage and have them explode really helps against bosses. When certain enemies stagger it’s important to hit them with as much damage as possible before they come back to their senses and attack you again, these projectiles ensure that damage happens when you want it to. However, you can lose out on that damage if you fire too late, and that’s one of the only downsides to Telesto. In Strikes and Raids this weapon performs admirably, particualrly against fast moving foes such as Sepiks Prime, but it’s in PVP that it finds it’s home.

When it comes to the Crucible this is a devastating and satisfying weapon. The only problem you have is that you need to constantly keep on top of your ammo, which we all know is pretty scarce for Special Weapons in PVP. Sadly Telesto doesn’t regenerate ammo like Invective, so you’re stuck with having to pick up the ammo as you see it. With that said, the weapon is incredibly useful when you’re having a hard time getting kills with your primary, and you just need something to get you out of that no kill hump.

With Age of Triumph releasing very soon, this will be more than a decent shooting stick, it’ll be a collectable. If you’ve peaked, you’re level 40, Light 400, and have the best armour set and weapons the meta allows, then this is a valuable item for your Record Book. If you complete the Record Book in time you gain access to a t-shirt that lets every Guardian know just how much time you’ve sunk into the game, and how much of a legend you are. For this reason if nothing else, Telesto is worth buying.

Image Source: PlanetDestiny

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