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Should Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Be Set In Old Chicago?

Should the next major expansion give us a brand new area?

Should Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Be Set In Old Chicago

Recently we explored the idea that The Witch Queen might be set on The Dreadnaught. The colossal Hive ship that punched a hole in Saturn’s rings. Today, I want to look into whether the expansion could give us a new location instead. Maybe not a planet, but something fresh to keep us occupied throughout the year that will follow the expansion’s launch. I’m talking about Old Chicago, a much-rumoured new location in the Destiny universe.

Forbes, in an excellent recent article, outlined the possibility of Destiny 2 heading to Old Chicago, but this theory has been floating around for a while. Old Chicago is a location that’s been hinted at in Destiny lore for years, but Bungie hasn’t done anything with it as of yet.

So what is the strongest evidence that we could be heading to Old Chicago at some point? Regardless of whether it’s with The Witch Queen or another expansion, this lore speaks pretty clearly.

We tracked the thing all the way to the ruins of Old Chicago, down into the tombs. We weren’t hunting it. It was luring us. This thing we were hunting, it was smart. Scary smart. It trapped us in the tombs below Old Chicago; picked off the other fireteams one by one. I’ve studied the enemies of the Light, and I don’t know what lured us to that ruin in Old Chicago and killed all those Guardians. But, I know it was hunting us.

Thanks to Forbes once again, I was reminded of one of the most iconic pieces of Destiny 1 concept art that every Guardian was banging on about in the early days. I am of course talking about the giant frog.

Image Source: Forbes

This, it’s thought, could be the new Hive enemy. There are giant variants within each of the enemy races in Destiny 2, but the Hive are yet to get something that looks like anything more than a bigger version of any of the other enemies within that race.

Old Chicago is the source of Graviton Lance, it’s mentioned in its lore. You can also look back at that fateful video, with a whiteboard listing so many Destiny details, and see “O Chicago” under locations.

Given that this weapon came from the area, it’s possible that Savathun would be after the wormhole technology that could be lying dormant there. The very fact that Guardians aren’t all over the place suggests that it’s pretty toxic though. If we’ve got giant frogs jumping around, my best guess would be that radiation has leaked all over the city and changed it completely.

Regardless of wehre Old Chicago is added and another area is put into the Destiny Content Vault, I think that having yet another area that’s intrinsically linked with an Exotic weapon in the game would be magical. I love all of the Braytech buildings on Mars and Europa, and Titan was great as well, because they’re all part of a world that is long gone. The Golden Age.

I say we should have far more of these areas, and Old Chicago is ripe for being filled with them. Let us know if you’d like to explore the area in the future as well in the comments.

I'm an avid Destiny 2 fan and player. I fell in love with Destiny 1 during the early alpha and have been hooked by the universe ever since. I really enjoy playing with other Guardians, speculating about the lore, and writing about as much of the Destiny universe as I can.

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