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Lore Thursday – The Iron Lords


Since the Iron Banner was only last week we thought we’d check out a bit of the lore behind the event, and those who help make it possible, the Iron Lords.

The story goes that before they became Guardians those who’d been blessed with the Traveler’s Light got together in order to protect the last remaining humans. These heroes called themselves the Iron Lords.

Now these guys had the same powers Guardians have, so they didn’t die and were brought back by the Traveler’s Light, meaning they could get into some pretty tough fights and still emerge unscathed. They also had the same powers that Guardians do, so space magic was obviously flying around, destroying those eager to hurt humanity.

The Irons Lord were:

  • Lady Efrideet
  • Lord Felwinter
  • Lord Gheleon
  • Lady Jolder
  • Lady Perun
  • Lord Radegast
  • Lord Saladin
  • Lord Similar
  • Lady Skorri
  • Lord Timur

The Iron Lords were formed by Radegast, one warrior with the power of the Traveler under his belt who became frustrated with those using the Traveler’s power for their own gain, at the cost of human life. After the formation of the Iron Lords they worked tirelessly to protect the colonies they were steadily establishing, using as much of the traveler’s power and technology as they could.

One piece of technology the Iron Lords found was SIVA, a legendary tech that regenerated itself, forming complex systems out of thin air. the Iron Lords through they could control SIVA and create weapons and barriers for protection beyond anything they’d imagined before. However, SIVA became corrupted and twisted, mutating into a virus that was too dangerous to be used for anything, and had to be destroyed.

Hundreds of the Iron Lords banded together to fight against SIVA, but in the end only nine of them, those listed above, made it to the replication chamber where the heart of SIVA lay. Lady Jolder made the ultimate sacrifice and sealed the door with herself inside the chamber, as well as several other Iron Lords. Lord Saladin saw the whole thing and is the only one left to tell the story.

Lady Efrideet traveled to the outer solar system and was thought dead for many years. During the SIVA crisis in Destiny 1, the Rise of Iron expansion, she returned with all sorts of gear to sell, becoming the new vendor for the Iron Banner. She also speaks of a community of Guardians in the outer system where she has been, meaning there could be more groups of Guardians out there.

Let us know what you think of the Iron Lords in the comments.

Image Source: The2ndReview

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