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Should You Play Destiny 2 in 2021?

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The popularity of looter-shooter FPS games have been skyrocketing in recent times but Destiny was one of the very first games that managed to amass millions of players around the world and for the very right reasons. Destiny 1 was released all the way back in 2014 as one of the most anticipated looter-shooter game of the year, it was pretty unique in every single way, the characters were dope, the visuals were stunning, the gun fights were exhilarating and you could literally upgrade any piece of your armor that you wanted.

Destiny 1 became a major hit and that sure did call for a remake or a sequel for sure. Fast forward 3 years, in 2017, Destiny 2 was released and due to the popularity of its predecessor the ground was hot and the expectations were mountain high but it did manage to exceed those expectations in the best way possible. However, it’s been over 4 years since the game was released, which boasts the question, “Is Destiny 2 worth playing in 2021?”

Why you Should

Well, first and foremost Destiny 2 is completely free to play as of 2021, at least for the base game. So, it wouldn’t hurt to try the game out for yourself, would it now? But if you are wondering that it’s been 4 years and other players would be way off reach, well you can always buy a Destiny 2 account from the old players who are not into the game anymore and start off the journey with a little push to the back.

However, if you want to start the game afresh, you can always do so and it has got some pretty good tutorial things going on, so you might wanna check that out as well to learn more about the game from the very beginning. As you begin your journey into the game, you’d see a bunch of tasks to start with. These are like different game modes that you can choose, be it Strikes, PVP Crucible and Gambit.

Each of these modes provide you with a different experience, but as a beginner, I would highly recommend you start with the Strikes mode, which is you and a couple other teammates fighting against hordes of enemies until the final boss of the level arrives and you finish him off to earn some points. It’s probably the simplest one as many FPS games tend to have these.

Then of course, we have the PVP Zone control mode, which is pretty self explanatory as well. Your team competes against other teams to control as many zones as possible while fighting off the rivals from the opposing side, which is kind of the best thing about Destiny 2. It has one of the best arsenals to show off your skills and blow off some of that steam!

Overall, the game provides an awesome experience equally entertaining for both the new player as well as the returning player. There is a new expansion to the game as well, which is of course paid but it is totally worth it as it has got a nice little story going on, something that we don’t really get to see in Destiny 2.

Why You Shouldn’t?

You definitely should, period. I mean I have been playing the game for a while now as a new player and the game only seems to be improving with time. That’s it, You SHOULD play Destiny 2 now that it’s completely free and it’s awesome!

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