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How to Become a Video Game Developer in Poland?

Are you interested in learning video game development? In Poland, video game companies have a large development team and employees that address all levels of game design, from conceptualization to the finished product, which is the game itself. Each department plays its unique role to ensure a smooth gaming experience for players. 

However, a game developer plays the biggest role in turning the game designer’s ideas into a playable video game. We interviewed an expert developer Jacek Michałski (check profile), to teach us how to become a game developer:

Go to School

Having skills and talents relating to game development may be good but not worth anything without a form of certification. Having a degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering is an added advantage that makes you stand out to your future employers.

This shows your employers that you have extensive knowledge of game development. Look out for universities with a good reputation for producing the best graduates as this is an added advantage. It is also important to work hard to achieve good marks, as this makes you competitive in the job market

Understand the Process

 Having a full understanding of the game development process from conceptualization to the final release of a game is key to becoming a video game developer. It is also important to have the ability to work with others as game development is a teamwork activity involving many people. 

It is also important to have clues about the duties of other people involved in the game for easy cooperation. For instance, if you intend to create games for Polish online casinos, checking kasyna online will be a smart move to learn the best games for such platforms. 

You can choose to specialize in any of the following fields of programming;

  • Gameplay programming- develop a game’s overall working including audio and graphics
  • UI programming- involved in building different user interfaces
  • Game engine programming- mainly concerned with graphics and simulated physics
  • Graphics engine programming- tasked with developing, designing, and troubleshooting 3D graphic renderers games
  • Network programming-tasked with writing codes that allows multi-players to play together online
  • Audio programming- tasked with developing sound engines for games
  • Input programming-tasked with developing codes that allow peripherals to control gameplay
  • Porting programming-tasked with creating codes that ensure games created are playable in different platforms

Know Computer Languages

A code runs every video game. Programming languages are key to video game coders. They are responsible for user experience and interaction with gaming platforms. The main objective of every game creator is to have smooth gameplay that satisfies the users.

This is achieved using well-written code. Game developers need to be familiar with popular game engines in Poland and the computer world in general. It is impossible to be a video game developer without knowledge of programming languages. 

The most used programming language is the C++ language. It is also an added advantage to know other programming languages like JavaScript, C, Python, and Swift languages. This also enlarges your skillset making you stand out to future employers

Look for Experience

You need specialized training in gaming development or related fields to become a video game developer. However, many employers require more than just a bachelor’s degree. Most employers look for work experience of not less than five years in any gaming-related field e.g., gaming design, game programming, or software development. 

Pursuing an internship, even if not compulsory for your bachelor’s degree program, is a smart move. Not only will you learn more about how the industry operates but also create a network that can be very helpful in sourcing for a job.

You may not be able to land an internship in big game development companies like EA games or Sony. However, you may get an internship in small game developing firms which also increases your experience level. 

Be Creative

Creativity is key in becoming a video developer in Poland. Modern video game development includes elements of 3D graphics, digital sound, custom game physics, Artificial Intelligence, etc. These elements keep changing and improving as days go by. You need to be alert to new technological developments in the gaming world. This aids in you being creative as well as raising the bar for employers.

Becoming a video game developer in Poland is a good idea for you as long as you learn how to become a game designer. Ensure that you are always updated and learn new skills as they arise. 

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