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How To Improve Your Destiny Elo Rating


Your Destiny elo rating might not be very important to you, but that could be because you don’t know what it is yet. Learn what Destiny elo is in our article and then come back to learn how to improve it to get you into the top 200 players in the world.

Destiny elo is all about winning and good sportsmanship. There are certain things that will lower your rating and others that will raise it, most of which are percentage-based. For example, you’ll build up your Destiny elo rating just by competing in matches in the Crucible and winning, though your score earnings will go up better if you’re on a team with other good players who are likely to earn a similar percentage gain. You can also try boosting services such as

Simply by completing matches against others you’ll up your rating, but there’s more. If you complete a match despite the enemy team completely wiping your score out from the start you’ll also earn points because you’ve not quit. Quitting matches in progress is a blight on Destiny 2 Crucible and players are actively handed out penalties on their Destiny elo for it. If you quit then you’re Destiny elo is going to go down, so you need to stop doing that.

One of the best things you can do is get better at Crucible matches in general. I know that’s easier said than done but it’s those awesome 25 player kill streaks that make for massive boosts to your Destiny elo. In order to help you get to this point, it might be worth checking out the guns your best with, ones that match your playstyle or just ones that you feel you get more kills with.

If you can improve your skill in Crucible matches then there’s a good chance that you’ll improve your Destiny elo, but don’t forget about being a good loser. Anyone quitting mid-match is going to find themselves with a much lower Destiny elo and that can lead to you being matched with a bunch of other quitters.

The Crucible has always been a source of salt in the Destiny community, and Destiny 2 is no better with the likes of the Prometheus Lens showing up only to be nerfed into oblivion. However, if people get more into improving their Destiny elo then maybe the community can feel some more enjoyment from Crucible excursions.

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