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Destiny 2 Which Witch Challenge Guide

A guide to the Which Witch challenge in the Last Wish raid.

Destiny 2 Which Witch Challenge Guide

As if Last Wish wasn’t already hard enough, Guardians seem to be pushing against a challenge in it that just makes everything more difficult. Here, we’re going to cover exactly what this challenge is, and how to complete it. For some reason, there are mad Guardians out there who need this. I salute you and pity you all at once.

What Is The Which Witch Challenge?

First things first, you can pick the Which Witch Challenge up from Hawthorne.

This is a challenge that sounds easy, but it’s hugely complex to pull off when you’re actually playing. The challenge requires you to avoid being hit by Shuro Chi. This is made all the more challenging by the fact that Shuro Chi has a long range attack that’s almost impossible to dodge.

If you stand still for an instant, you’ll probably get hit, so moving constantly is a must. Just one hit will bring up the notification that the challenge has been failed.

To make matters worse, there’s the aspect of the raid that requires you to be in line of sight with Shuro Chi six times. Altogether, this challenge is something that only the most skilled Guardians should undertake. Or, if you’re really bored, I guess it could be a nice change from the standard playlists.

Prism Weapons

There’s one point in the raid when you need to pick up the Prism Weapons. These are essential, but they’re also your biggest potential downfall. Grabbing these weapons is when you’re most likely to get hit by Shuro Chi, and not even by its massive sniper shot.

One tip here is to look for her slowing down. She does this a little before the attack phase, so get in and get the weapons then.


The thing to listen out for with any Witch battle is a scream. Shuro Chi will blast out a colossal scream that telegraphs each of her attacks. If you hear it, hide behind something because she’s probably going to try to hit you.

Completing the Which Witch Challenge will award you some incredibly powerful gear. This is a great way to push up your Power Level if you’re struggling with grinding it out anywhere else.

There’s some luck involved in getting this challenge done, but if you work together as a team and take things steady, you’ll get through it.

Let us know if you smash this challenge in the comments.

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