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Destiny 2 Reckoning Golden Egg Location Guide


Reckoning is brilliant as a game mode added with Season of the Drifter. It’s got challenge and the rewards to make it worth fighting through, but there’s also a tonne of lore hidden within the event. The lore is hidden behind Golden Eggs, a total of nine which will each add a piece of lore to the new Dust Lore Book, and learn more about the former Cryptarch Lavinia Garcia Umr Tawil, who had an unhealthy obsession with The Nine.

Here’s our guide to help you find every egg in Reckoning.

Golden Egg 1 “The Kell” Location

This egg is in the Drifter’s ship, the area you spawn in just after selecting Reckoning as an activity. The egg is on the floor to the left of the room against the wall. Just drop down in the room and head left and you’ll see it.

Golden Egg 2 “The Red Box” Location

This egg is another one that you can get before running through the portal that starts Reckoning. Head along the catwalk on the right hand side of the room against the wall and follow it to the end. Turn right at the end and you’ll see the egg lying there for you to collect.

Golden Egg 3 “The Stacks” Location

Once again you can nab this before heading into the event. From spawn turn around and head through the door on the right hand side of the ship. Follow this path and you’ll come to an area where a bright light is shining down a shaft, pass through the doorway and jump down into the new area. There should be a pipe under the walkway, look under there to find the egg.

Golden Egg 4 “The Bone” Location

This one leads on from the third egg location above. From there jump back onto the walkway and run through the door all the way to the end. There should be a small room you can enter, and you’ll find the egg in there against the shelves near some red crates. The first red crate will have a ‘collect loot’ prompt, which is how you get the egg.

Golden Egg 5 “The Leviathan” Location

For this egg you need to go through the portal and into the realm where you can enter Tier 1 of Reckoning. Don’t jump in straight away, instead look for the longest shared jutting out over the pit. If you inch along this and keep an eye out under the cracks you’ll see the egg poking out.

Golden Egg 6 “The Gate” Location

This egg is through the portal and over to the right hand side of the area, sticking out of the ground. IT’s near to one of the markers for the outer edge of the zone.

Golden Egg 7 “The Declaration” Location

This egg is within the first wave of Reckoning, so get ready and dive into that scary old pit. Once you land you need to head to the large structure on the left hand side of the map, it looks sort of like a zipper. In front of this structure you’ll find a triangular platform that has a red light on one of its corners. The egg is under the glowing corner. This egg can also be found in Tier 2 of Reckoning, and when you jump in on Tier 2 you’ll actually land on this platform.

Golden Egg 8 “The Nine” Location

This egg is the first of a pair that require Guardians to be playing Tier 2 of Reckoning and have beaten the first encounter. When heading towards the bridge section you can find the egg when running through the first door on the left hand side corner.

Golden Egg 9 “The Witch” Location

Once you’ve completed the first encounter for Tier 2 of Reckoning and have built the bridge, enter the portal for the final room. In here you need to run to a pillar with a purple light shining from around the base. The egg is located around the other side of the pillar.

That’s all of the Golden Egg locations, you’ll have all the lore after that. It’s tough to get into Tier 2 Reckoning, but if you work through the Power Surge Bounties you’ll be a good part of the way there without too much effort. The journey from there, Power Level 640, to Power Level 670 is harder, but not as hard as not using the Power Surge Bounties.

Let us know how you get on in the comments. Stay with Destiny News Hub as we add more guides to our collection.

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