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What Does The New Trailer Say About Destiny 2 Forsaken?


Sony’s E3 2018 press conference featured a familiar face, though it was in a sorry state. That’s right! A new trailer for Destiny 2 Forsaken has been revealed, and it tells us a lot about how Bungie is changing with this update, and about the story of Forsaken in general.

The trailer shows Cayde-6, beaten and bruised looking into the camera, as it pans we see his Ghost. Almost immediately the Ghost is shot by an unseen assailant, meaning Cayde-6 isn’t coming back from the dead if he takes a mortal wound. As the camera pans more it shows some of the 8 Scorn Barons who have been trapped in this prison for too long, and then him. An Awoken pulls his Hand Cannon, aims it at where Cayde-6 should be, and fires. As the camera pans more we see the remaining Barons appear from the darkness, and then we see Cayde-6 lying on the ground. The Awoken walks up to him and watches the light fade from his eyes. When he pulls back his hood we can see that he’s almost certainly Prince Uldren Sov, the Awoken Prince we see in the cinematic of The Taken King. Then he and the Barons walk towards an exit, a portal to the outside world where they can wreak havoc and revenge.

If this is the Awoken Prince then he could legitimately be pissed off. After all the Awoken used their power to repel the Dreadnought, but they all died in the end because the Guardians killed Crota and angered Oryx. The Awoken in the Reef were friendly with The House of Wolves, a Fallen faction. It’s easy to see why Prince Uldren would then feel like working with the Fallen to bring about the end of the Guardians.

Now there’s a potential issue with Cayde-6’s death. He is an Exo, and by definition their personalities are created through bugs that are formed from them being rebooted time after time. Cayde-6 could be rebooted right now, at least until Bungie confirm that he can’t be. Here’s where things get interesting. If Bungie is permanently killing off characters then that is a very different developer than the one we’ve known in Destiny so far.

Personally I hope that Cayde-6 is gone forever, even though it means the end of the amazing Nathan Fillion. This will completely change how I feel about Destiny 2 because I can see that nothing is permanent, and that’s what the game really needs in order to mix it up and be taken a little more seriously. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Image Source: Forbes

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