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PerfectAim Shut Down After Cease And Desist From Bungie

It’s goodbye to a PerfectAim product after some recent legal action.

PerfectAim Shut Down After Cease And Desist From Bungie

Well, last weekend was an intense one, to say the least. I was scrolling through Reddit and saw a Destiny 2 post out in the wild. The post was all about how PerfectAim, a company I’d vaguely heard of before, were getting shut down due to a cease and desist order from Bungie. It’s all a bit intense for a Tuesday morning, but I think it’s important. More than anything, it shows that everything should be a bit fairer in the Destiny 2 world moving forward.

Who ArePerfectAim?

For those of you who didn’t know, and to be honest, I didn’t totally understand, PerfectAim is a cheat provider (reported by Eurogamer). They offered a Destiny 2 bundle which allowed Guardians to teleport, wallhack, use an aimbot, and quite a lot more. This bundle was available for a monthly fee, and was exclusive to PC. No wonder so many Guardians were beating you in the Crucible right?

Well now, following a cease and desist order, that bundle is closed. A popup shows on the company’s website saying that Bungie has claimed it violates the game’s terms of services. It goes on to say that a further demand insisted it was delisted immediately.

In a rather odd move, the company’s comment on the situation is rather noncommittal. They say that they’re not willing to comment on the legitimacy of Bungie’s claims. To be honest, the bundle does break terms of service, so Bungie are correct. PerfectAim then has the gaul to say that they’ve decided to comply regardless. I don’t really think they had a choice.

What Now?

For now, PerfectAim will probably remain open and provide similar cheats in other games. The fact that this one was undetectable is worrying, but then all Bungie needed to do was search for it in Google. It’s not a veyr savvy way of keeping your cheat product a secret.

There is definitely an argument for allowing this cheat to be used, as there is for pirating games. A consumer has purchased the product, so they are entitled to do with it what they want, as long as it doesn’t affect anyone else, or break the terms of use. Therein lies the issue though. Cheating does break the terms of use, and it will for as long as Destiny 2 is the kind of MMO it is.

Maybe when Destiny 2 is extremely old and only a few Guardians play it every month, Bungie will allow the cheats to slip.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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