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LEAKED Season of the Hunt Cutscene Reveals Crow’s Fate

I want him!

LEAKED Season of the Hunt Cutscene Reveals Crow’s Fate

With the release of Beyond Light came the Season of the Hunt. In this season, our Guardians alongside Spider, Osiris, & an amnesiac Uldren Sov that now goes by the Crow are hunting down Wrathborn, which are fallen and hive afflicted by the rage of war, as well as the High Celebrant, a massive knight in service of Xivu Arath. Fans of the series have been fifty-fifty if they love or hate the Crow, and the debate seems endless at times. Guardians have made valid points such as his Resurrection has given him a new life and that he is no longer Uldren Sov, while others still feel he should pay for what he did to Cayde-6. Well as the title reads, an incomplete cutscene has been discovered that shows Crow’s end of season fate. As expected with this a SPOILER WARNING is in place, so if you want to ride out the season and see for yourself now would be the time to prevent spoilers.

!Spoilers Start Now!

Over the course of the season we have learned that the Spider keeps Crow on a tight leash, going as far to even plant explosives in Crow’s ghost Glint. While completing Wrathborn hunts you begin to hear bits and pieces of how the Crow has survived since his resurrection and how him and Glint only want freedom. At the end of this season he may just get what he’s seeking.

The cutscene opens with a Titan, representing our Guardian, approaching Spider and stating that, “it’s done.” Spider congratulates the Guardian and while Crow watches from the sidelines offers the Guardian any of his treasures within his lair. The Titan points to Crow and says,” I want him.” Spider becomes enraged, but after the Guardian states that Spider said he could have anything in the lair he releases his hold on Crow and banishes the duo from his lair. Once outside on the shore, Crow asks why the Guardian saved him and earned his freedom. The Titan says one sentence,”Because you’re a Guardian.” With that the scene ends.

With over 50 plus days in the season still, we won’t be seeing this for quite some time. If you wish to see the scene for yourself I’ll leave a link below. Are you satisfied with Crow finally being free? How do you think the Vanguard will react? I guess only time can tell us what the future holds for the Crow and Glint.

Let us know what you think of this in the comments.

Image Source: PCGamesN

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