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Hunting Down Master Ives’ Killer Part 2


The Festival of the Lost might be over bu the quest to find Master Ives’ killer is not. Last week Amanda Holliday was handing out the first part of this quest, which is now believed to lead to the Exotic Machine Gun Thunderlord upon completion. It was then revealed that we’d have to wait for a week until we got the second part of this quest, which put a lot of people in a bad mood.

However, now we’ve got all of our loot from the Halloween-themed festival and we’re ready to move on with our lives. Unfortunately, it seems as though this week is just another week where Guardians have some trivial tasks to complete before being told to wait for another week.

For the second part of this murder mystery quest Guardians need to head back to the EDZ to complete some Lost Sectors. Three of these need to be cleared out, and they’re all close to the starting zone near Devrim Kay; Atrium, Widow’s Walk, and Terminus East. This is actually quite a good step in my opinion, because it gets Guardians exploring places they might have forgotten to go into or just don’t want to. Completing Lost Sectors counts towards a triumph, and triumphs mean prizes and further loot, so they’re worth doing. This one can be completed all on your own so there’s really no reason for this to be a pain in the ass quest.

The Atrium is the Lost Sector in the church where Devrim Kay is situated. Widow’s Walk is in the northwest corner of the area, and Terminus East is in the northeast. Once you’ve completed all of these Lost Sectors you’ll get a new quest step that requires you to hit another Lost Sector, Whispered Falls.

This Lost Sector is in the Outskirts area, up in the hills at the west end. It’s north of the narrower portion that you often drive through when you’re heading to Winding cove. Once you’ve killed the major enemy in here you’ll be done with the quest. Your Pursuit icon in your inventory will tell you that the trail has gone cold, and that means that you’ve got to wait another week before you can complete this quest.

the next reset is on the 13th of November, and it’s unlikely that the quest will be updated before then. Make sure you jump on this one because if it does net you an Exotic, as it almost certainly does, it’s super easy. Let us know how you got on in the comments.

Image Source: PCGamesN

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