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How Are Subclasses Changing In Destiny 2?


In their most recent update Bungie told us that some Subclasses were getting a bit of a change. This is an effort to balance the Subclasses, toning a couple down but bringing most of them up to compete with others. this is planned to affect every Subclass from the 29th of January, so let’s dive in and have a look at what’s been altered.



The Golden Gun will now return a bullet with Six-Shooter kills, and Practice Makes Perfect Super regeneration has been increased.

For Blade Barrage the damage it produces has been weighted more to the explosion rather than the knife impact itself. If the knives explode too close to you be warned, they’ll damage you now. Finally, a bug that meant the knives tracked allies has been fixed, so your friends are safe for now Guardian.

Overall uptime with Golden gun has been increased, meaning there’s a skill to increasing this uptime using the Way of the Outlaw. In the Way of the Sharpshooter you have an increased ability to earn your Super, generating it faster.


For the Moebius Quiver, the entire damage bonus is now applied with the first hit, instead of that damage stacking and multiplying over time. the lifetime and tether radius of the shots are now increased, and it’s been made easier to fire successive tethers.

For Spectral Blades, the damage resistance you receive while in stealth is increased, and the duration of your Super while invisible is decreased slightly.

Bungie have said that this is just step one for the Shadowshot, with their intention being to keep on improving it. They focussed on Moebius Quiver with this update purely for quality of life purposes.


Super damage for Arcstrider is now weighted more heavily towards the heavy palm strike attack. No attack damage has been reduced, with the caveat that the majority of the increase in damage has gone to the heavy attack. Finally, the lethal current bonus damage has been increased.



Sunspots now deal double the damage in burn to the enemy. For Sun Warrior the buff length has been increased to 5 seconds from 3, and that buff will now increase all outgoing damage. For Burning Maul Slam radius has been increased, and the Slam fire tornado now has improved homing.


The Super damage from Sentinel is now wighted more towards the heavy shield attack. There’s been no attack damage reduction, but most of the increase to damage is in that shield attack now.


Terminal Velocity has been changed so that there are now three tiers of hang time, and the amount for each tier has been reworked. Every tier will now cause four damaging shocks as opposed to the usual three, and the damage for the hang time bonuses has been increased.

For Trample the light shoulder attack Super cost has been reduced by 85 percent. Trample will also now be possible to trigger every 0.5 seconds, as opposed to the previous 1 second.

The Code of the Earthshaker the changes made to Terminal Velocity will make it more engaging, and that first tier is now easier to achieve. For the second tier you’ll need high ground, but if there’s only flat land around you then a directional slam at the peak of the lift with proc it. The third tier requires the highest of ground, and you’ll need to land all of your slams if you want to make use of every single slam available.

The Code of the Juggernaut allows you to extend your Super for minutes in PVE. The new light shoulder attack is basically a movement mode with the reduced cost, combined with increased Mobility you can earn more Super energy and run around stacking up those kills for a good long while.



For Dawnblade the only difference is an increased duration of your Super.


For Cataclysm there’s been an increase to the detonation radius, and cluster damage is increased. Cluster bomb homing has been increased to make it more efficient against single targets, and those cluster bombs wont’ detonate each other anymore.

For Vortex linger damage has now been significantly increased.

For Nova Warp, there’s now a reduction to movement while it’s charging. That charging cost is now higher, and overall duration has been decreased. Damage resistance has been boosted ever so slightly, and there’s been a PVP damage reduction. If an enemy’s Super has damage resistance, Nova Warp now won’t once-shot them.

Bungie is raising up Voidwalker to make it better for everyone. Personally I think that Nova Bomb is still too powerful.


For Stormtrance the number of targets for chain lightning has been increased by 1.

That’s a lot of stuff that’s being updated, but there’s time for more updates to be made. Let us know what you think of these Subclass changes in the comments.

Image Source: Game Insider

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