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Details For The Revelry Revealed


Today Bungie have officially revealed details about the spring event for Destiny 2, The Revelry. Alongside a trailer, which you can see below, they’ve also given details about the time-limited activity Guardians can take part in for Revelry rewards, as well as other new content on the way with the event. The Revelry will run from the 16th of April until the 6th of May.

Detailed about The Revelry, specifically rewards you can earn from it, leaked last week. But now we know everything thanks to Bungie’s latest blog post.

Bungie say The Revelry is a new event which will be available to all Guardians to celebrate Spring. The Tower will be transformed with colourful flowers, and Eva Levante will be offering new rewards from the new activity, Verdant Forest. Bungie add that the event’s effects will be felt outside of The Tower and the new activity. Elsewhere in the system Guardians will be empowered in different ways throughout the duration of The Revelry, making for some very interesting firefights.

Verdant Forest

Verdant Forest is similar to the Haunted Forest event from last year’s Festival of the Lost, taking place in the Infinite Forest. This time around the forest is in full bloom, and new challenges with surprising results await all Guardians who enter.

The objective of Verdant Forest is to clear as many rooms as possible, which will give you more time towards the session’s end to defeat the onslaught of five waves of enemies, each with a boss.

On a final note for Verdant Forest, it’s not only possible to enter and complete the activity as a pre-made Fireteam, or as a matchmade one, but it’s also possible to complete the activity solo. I imagine the solo completions will offer better rewards, if the glory isn’t enough.

Orbs and Abilities

The way Light is wielded by Guardians will be fundamentally different for The Revelry’s duration. You can acquire a Reveler’s Tonic from Eva Levante in the Tower, you’ll get one for free when you first arrive when the event is live, which you need to fill. The Reveler’s Tonic is filled by adding Reveler’s Essence, which you get from killing bosses in the verdant forest activity, or other activities in the system.

There are three different tonics, one for reducing Grenade cooldown, one for reducing Melee cooldown, and one for reducing Class Ability cooldown. the Tonic becomes more potent with each piece of Inaugural Revelry or Vernal Growth armour you have equipped. The effect of the tonics applies to all activities apart from Private Matches, meaning even in the Crucible you’ll need to watch out for Revelers.

It’s also possible to have special Orbs drop in the Verdant Forest from precision kills. These have powerful effects on Guardians as well, but we’ll have to wait until the 16th of April to see what they are.


The first rewards for The Revelry are the new Inagural Armour pieces. these drop from bosses in the Verdant Forest activity, with a greater chance for a drop with more bosses killed. The armour can also be obtained from Eva Levante as rewards from her five weekly Bounties, and they’ll drop as Powerful Gear.

Inaugural Revelry Armour
Vernal Growth Armour

Reveler’s Essence can also be turned in with Eva Levante for reward packages. From these it’s possible to get World Drops, the Inaugural Revelry Helmet, Ornaments, and Enhancement Cores. The armour Ornaments grow for each piece of event-specific armour your Guardian is wearing.

A new Exotic Kinetic Rifle is also up for grabs. This can be earned by completing Triumphs and turning in Reveler’s Essence to Eva Levante. The weapon is called Arbalest, and does additional damage to enemy shields.

Just like with other events, drops have been doubled for Bright Engrams. Now at max level Guardians will get both a Bright and a Revelry Engram for each new level up. It’s also impossible to get the same rewards twice if you have others from The Revelry to collect, since Bungie have implemented a knockout list. That means collectors are going to have a great time for a couple of weeks. As you can see below, the Ladybug Ghost is the ultimate form of Ghost.

Bungie ended their post by saying that they will also have a direct-purchase option for certain items. Unfortunately this probably also means that these items are locked behind a paywall, and won’t drop from completing events.

Let us know what you think of The Revelry in the comments.

Images Source: Bungie

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