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Destiny: Age Of Triumph Weekly Rituals, And More Revealed


Bungie held their second reveal livestream for Age of Triumph this week, as part of the three part stream series leading up to the release of the live event.

This week Bungie began by telling fans how they would now be able to receive a Treasure of Ages loot box for each weekly activity, the Nightfall Strike, Story Mission, and Crucible Playlist. These lootboxes can reward Guardians will items from all previous live events, The Dawning, Festival of the Lost, even Crimson Days. This is a great opportunity for players to get their hands on those items that they’ve been after since they first heard about them in the live event reveal. For collectors, these boxes are a Godsend. However, there will also be new items available from these lootboxes, including Emblems of Ages, Legendary Emotes of Ages, Days of Iron Emblem, Orange Chroma, Ornaments for Touch of Malice, Nechrocasm and Vex Mythoclast. The rest we will have to wait until next week to find out about, as they will all relate directly to Age of Triumph.

The Speaker will be stepping into the light as Destiny comes to a close, handing out quests relating to almost all activities, excluding the Raids as far as we know right now.

The Crucible Handler Lord Shaxx will be offering new bounties centred around 6v6 activities such as Control matches. These reward you with Crucible Engrams upon completion.

Weekly rituals were the main focus of this week’s livestream. These rituals will feature playlists of weekly story missions, Crucible match types, Challenge of Elders, and more. These rituals will reward players will Legendary marks, and give them the opportunity to earn up to 20 per week.

A new modifier called Daybreak will be on the Nightfall Strike. This increases the recharge rate which Bungie think will make the times Nightfall bounty more attainable for players who have been struggling. However, community manager Deej admitted that this would only be available once a month to avoid making the Nightfall too easy. With that said, in July there will be a six week period where it is available every week. This is to help players complete their Age of Triumph Record Books before the end of August. The reason for this time-specific Daybreak modifier is because Destiny 2 will probably be releasing in September, just as Destiny did.

Next week Bungie will be talking about the Sandbox update hitting Destiny with Age of Triumph, as well as new and old weapons and armour from raids.

Image Source: Evil Bunny

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