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Destiny Age of Triumph Revealed


For a while there have been rumours around an April update happening in Destiny. While Bungie hadn’t announced anything, it would make sense for them to update the game in April this year like they did last year, and arguable last year’s update made players happier than The Taken King expansion did.

Well this week Destiny: Age of Triumph was revealed, and it’s having a similar effect on the community as last year’s April update did. The most important thing to know is that Age of Triumph brings with it a new Record Book to complete, and releases on March 28th.

Unfortunately there isn’t a Light level cap increase with this update, though at this point I think everyone is ready for a new game rather than more increased levels. In addition all Raids are being brought up to the higher Light Level difficulty of 390, something Guardians have been asking for since Rise of Iron released. Interestingly the weekly Raid will now have new challenges assigned to them, the completion requirements for which will be necessary for Guardians to work out we think, since that’s how the Destiny community works best. Completing these challenges will unlock new ornaments, so everyone will know you’re the ultimate raider! While the new raids will be available at the higher Light level outside of the weekly challenge, this will only be three weeks after age of Triumph launches. Week 1: Crota’s End, Week 2: Vault of Glass, Week 3: King’s Fall.

Bungie also announced that older Raids will now be rewarding players with new items, that’s new armour and weapons at the current Light level. Any raids that didn’t have Sparrow and Ghost rewards will have them now, and they’re the best. Bungie is patching many fixes to exploits in older raids like Crota’s End and Vault of Glass, making them harder in general to complete without the increased Light level.

Elemental primary weapons are returning, not least the Vex Mythoclast, and at 400 Light as well!

If you love using Three of Coins from our great friend Xur then you’re in luck! These items will now work on Raid bosses, rejoice!

The legends could be true about that seventh chest in the Vault of Glass as well. While it isn’t confirmed, it was highly hinted at, and no one has ever found it before. Will you be the first?

Age of Triumph Record Book

Not every page of the record book was shown, but we do know quite a lot about what’s in there. There are thirteen pages to compete in the record book, and given that Destiny will remain online for the foreseeable future you should have plenty of time to complete every one of them.

Some pages are raid specific, and will no doubt be focused around accomplishing everything in each raid, as well as the new challenges, which are mostly going to be guesswork in the early days.

There are class-specific pages in the book as well, and they aren’t as easy as you think. Needless to say completing every Quest in the game and reaching level 40 with each class is essential for completion of the Record Book, but there’s even more to do than just this.

When it comes to the Crucible you’ll need to be a seasoned veteran and have picked up all the ghosts, which of course you haven’t, and the Iron Banner probably be getting a look in with this last completionist list so you have that to look forward to.

Finally, the book is basically a completion list of everything there is to do in Destiny. If you want to finish it you’ll have to get every Dead Ghost, you’ll need to reach a reasonable rank (25) with all Factions, you’ll have to help people who shouldn’t be helped (Eris), and most importantly, you’ll have to be the best damn Guardian the Tower has ever seen. Oh and if you thought you’d get away without collecting every Grimoire card then you’re dead wrong.

Image Source: Gameinformer

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