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Destiny 2 Year 2 At E3 2018


Bungie recently revealed that on June 5th they’ll be hosting a livestream to discuss Destiny 2 Year 2. The stream will be hosted by DeeJ and star a number of developers as they discuss what’s coming to Destiny 2 in its second full year in the wild.

In Destiny 1 the first major expansion after the initial blur of DLC, The Dark Below and House of Wolves, was The Taken King. This new, bigger expansion marked the beginning of Year 2 for Destiny 1 and a whole new era for the game and its universe.

Many Guardians are hoping that Destiny 2 Year 2 will see a similar change, if not a bigger one with even more of the most-requested features being added. This is largely due to the fact that Bungie is now listening to us, adding in features and updates much more regularly whilst also being far more vocal in the community.

What’s definitely on the cards is a look at the updated roadmap for Destiny 2 development moving forward from June 5th onward. this is going to include details about Season 3 updates and changes coming in Season 4. What is also definitely being discussed is the September expansion, brand new content for Guardians to explore that will once again build upon the Destiny universe. But just what is this expansion going to entail?

Some Guardians are joking about the new expansion being labelled The Taken Queen, referencing the first big expansion for Destiny 1, but they might not be too far off the mark. If fan theories are to be believed, and they should always be taken a little seriously, then the expansion will feature Savathun, sister to Oryx and a Hive Wizard.

With players killing Xol in Warmind, Crota in The Dark Below, and Oryx in The Taken King, it’s only logical to think someone else in the family is going to turn up. Granted Xol wasn’t related to any of these guys, but it’s speculated that he was dropped on Mars by this Hive family.

Savathun made a pact with the Worm Gods, as in that thing Xol was, and is dedicated to finding the deepest knowledge of the universe. She’s going to be one tough cookie to crumble, particularly if she gets her hands on something like a Warmind that’s now thinking independently.

After the events of Warmind the Hive are now active all over Mars. Guardians have been finding them praying to Savathun, asking for her to come and save them and vanquish all Guardians. It’s worth pointing out now that Savathun took her Hive into a black hole in order to grow different from the rest of their kind, so if she emerges at all she’s going to be pretty damn powerful in order to have survived that.

Let us know what you think the next expansion will be in the comments.

Image Source: Polygon

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