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Destiny 2 Voice Files Reveal Potential Future Content


Over on the Destiny 2 subreddit user TheEcumene has taken the time to go through 26K of audio files and found a number of lines that appear to hint at future content for the game. However, all of this must be taken with a pinch of salt as Bungie love leaving Easter eggs around for players to find, and there’s every chance that all of this is leftover or completely unused data. But there is the chance that these audio lines give away some future story spoilers and reveal the content that Bungie is working on now that will release later in Destiny 2. Let’s dive in, I’ll walk you through the most important ‘discoveries’.

Among the voice lines are a lot about Patrol Zones from Destiny 1; Venus, Mars, The Dreadnaught, and even Old Russia. In some way all of the events from Destiny 1 are mentioned, including the Prison of Elders, but this is all most likely leftover recordings that were going to be used in some environmental scans, expanding the universe for those who never played the first game.

Now onto the interesting stuff. Ganymede is mentioned alongside something called The Myriad. Ganymede is the largest of Jupiter’s moons, and is the ninth largest object in the solar system without a substantial atmosphere. The moon has polar water ice caps and would make a good position for the Guardians as they expand their presence again throughout the solar system. I suspect that The Myriad is the name of a base on Ganymede, one established within the story of Destiny 2 since Io is the last place the Traveller’s Light touched and is further from Earth than Ganymede. New planets is something that Bungie would want to add to the game, so this leak is likely to have some bearing on the future.

Shiro, the guy who handed out bounties on Felwinter Peak after the launch of Rise of Iron, is on Mercury. This guy would definitely have something to do with a big push against an enemy, but there’s no further information on why he would be on Mercury, unless he was hiding after the Red Legion invasion. The same audio file also mentions Osiris returning to the Tower, and that has direct relation to one upcoming Destiny 2 expansion that relates to the Trials of Osiris. While this confirms that a legendary Guardian who was exiled from the Tower and the Vanguard will be returning, it tells us little about the upcoming expansion.

SRL will supposedly be returning along with Marcus Ren, it’s inventor. SRL is personally one of my favourite events in Destiny, and I’m thrilled to hear that it might be returning. Whether or not the Live Team at Bungie has worked harder on creating new tracks and Sparrows is another thing.

There are also a few lines relating to mysterious lore such as worms on the Moon, more likely Wryms from The Taken King expansion, and even a new Speaker. It’s true that the Speaker has not been around since the end of the campaign, but have Bungie really done away with this charismatic creep?

See the full details here from the subreddit thread. I apologise if it’s been deleted as Bungie may have butted in since and ordered it to be removed. Let us know what you think.

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I'm an avid Destiny 2 fan and player. I fell in love with Destiny 1 during the early alpha and have been hooked by the universe ever since. I really enjoy playing with other Guardians, speculating about the lore, and writing about as much of the Destiny universe as I can.

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