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Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid Challenges Announced


In yesterday’s This Week at Bungie update the developer shared some news about the Leviathan raid that should serve to make it more interesting for those running it regularly.

Firstly Bungie has announced the top three clans to complete the Prestige version of the raid. The first was Redeem, who used a glitch in order to complete the raid so it’s questionable as to how legitimate their success is. We wrote an article about them yesterday so you can read that and decide what you think between Redeem and the clan in second place.

The second clan to complete the Prestige raid was a tie between clan Hand of Faith, PRORAIDER, Add Control, and FORCE NATION, though it’s probably a combination of these as they were in a fireteam together. It’s possible that they used the glitch as well, but Bungie has no way to track it so we can’t know unless we watch their streams.

Finally, the third clan to finish the Prestige raid was clan ihavealife. It seems as though a brilliant name is equal to being a brilliant player, for at least six players from this clan anyway.

Other than these three clans Bungie made a very exciting announcement, depending on what you play in Destiny 2. Over the coming weeks they will be introducing challenges into the Leviathan raid. In Destiny 1 Bungie did the very same and it really changed up the raids and the way Guardians played them, but in Destiny 2 it will be different again.

Instead of having the challenges told to you in the activity director, Guardians will need to start the raid in order to find out what the challenge is. This means that there’s no way to plan for the challenges in the beginning, but it could also mean that there’s a new twist to how these challenges are presented as well.

If Bungie have a differen challenge presented to a fireteam each time they start the raid, then there’s no way to plan for every scenario properly. This will really change the way players go into raids, as there won’t be a way to plan to spawn with certain gear and it could be that once in Guardians can’t change their gear and weapons anyway.

Image Source: Gamer Network

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