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The Hero’s Burden Vs Antiope-D Which Is The Better SMG?


The Hero’s Burden and Antiope-D are both SMGs in Destiny 2, but there’s some debate over which one fo these weapons is better. While you’re able to equip both SMGs at once since The Hero’s Burden is an Energy weapon and Antope-D is a Kinetic weapon, that just makes it harder to choose which is better. At least if you have a truly terrible SMG you know you’ll equip one of these two over it, but the similarity in certain stats as well as other factors turn these two into a hot debate among SMG enthusiasts.

Let’s start with the Antiope-D. This weapon has an Impact of 25, Range of 63, Stability of 39, Reload Speed of 27, and Handling of 26. In terms of hidden stats the Zoom is 15, Inventory Size is 30, Aim Assistance is 58, and Recoil Direction is 90.

It has a Precision Frame that makes for better vertical predictability and two sights, the GB Iron has a short zoom, and increases handling speed and range, while the SC Holo is a medium zoom that greatly increases range while slightly decreasing handling speed. You can choose from Ricochet Rounds, which increase range and stability while making bullets ricochet off of hard surfaces, or Tactical Mag which increases stability, reload speed, and magazine size. The final perk is Kill Clip which grants increased damage if you reload after a kill.

Many claim that this is the best SMG for PVP thanks mainly to the weapon stats. It’s range is significantly more than most other SMGs which can be a real advantage given the impact and overall power they pack. Usually the tradeoff with an SMG is that you need to be able to smell your opponent before you can kill them quickly, but the Antiope-D bucks that trend. With that said this isn’t the weapon for those who like to sit back and snipe, or even those who like a decent amount of distance between them and their foes. this is the weapon for getting up into someone’s face and making them panic while their health quickly whittles away as each bullet from this SMG inevitably hits them.

The Hero’s Burden has an Impact of 20, Range of 50, Stability of 46, Reload Speed of 58, and Handling of 63. All of these stats are up on the Antiope-D with the exception of Range which was that weapons strong suit. With Range aside however, this is the better SMG on paper based on stats.

The hidden stats for this weapon are a Zoom of 12, Inventory Size of 43, Aim Assistance of 51, and Recoil Direction of 93. these are fairly similar to the Antiope-D but also higher, meaning that the recoil is going to be worse with The Hero’s Burden, but that additional Aim Assistance probably helps to counteract the difference. Again, on paper this is still the better SMG.

This weapon has an adaptive frame so it’s much sturdier than others, and a choice of three sights. The SLO-10 Post sight has a short zoom and increases handling and slightly increases range. The SPO-28 Front sight has a medium zoom and increases range and slightly increases handling. Finally the SPO-26 Front sight has a short zoom and increases handling speed as well as rang. this last sight is probably the best.

The gun also has a choice between High-Caliber Rounds, which increases range and knock back from bullets, or Drop Mag which greatly increases reloading speed at the cost of ammo. The last perk is Threat Detector which increases reload speed, stability, and handling when enemies are close.

The Hero’s Burden is a close quarters gun with no exceptions. The rate of fire is so fast that you’re spent on all your bullets within a couple of seconds, and you need that handling to make sure you hit your target. However, getting up close and personal and having a couple of seconds with which to kill an enemy is no easy feat in the Crucible, and that can lead to a lot of death with this weapon.

Overall both weapons are pretty good, but the Antiope-D comes out on top for the added range and that safety it provides by not forcing you into one on one fights all the time. With that said, The Hero’s Burden is the better gun up close, but does force you to play in a different way by hunting down individuals as opposed to being able to take out an entire enemy team. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

I'm an avid Destiny 2 fan and player. I fell in love with Destiny 1 during the early alpha and have been hooked by the universe ever since. I really enjoy playing with other Guardians, speculating about the lore, and writing about as much of the Destiny universe as I can.

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