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Ten Weapons You Need Before Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

Prepare for your nightmares

With the launch of Shadowkeep less than a week away and season of opulence winding down, there’s only a small amount of time left to prepare. The destiny community is stocking up on thousands of planetary materials and bounties to give them an edge when the new expansion drops, and I’m here to give you a list of the weapons you’re going to want to arm yourself with when the nightmares arrive;

  • A grenade launcher with spike grenades

Even though swarm of the raven has come and gone with the final iron banner of the season of opulence, you can still grab some serviceable grenade launchers with the high damage dealing perk spike grenades. One, in particular, is the edge transit (You heard me)and it’s currently being placed second to the Swarm of the raven. With a chance to roll spike grenades paired with the fact that it’s also a void weapon (Tractor cannon time!) this is as close as you’re going to get to a Swarm clone.

  • Izanagi’s Burden + Catalyst

Izanagi’s burden was already a well-rounded sniper. Very liked in PVP and respected in PVE. Honed edge allowed us to one-shot body shot enemies in the crucible and one-shot headshot guardians in their super (The trump card to bottom tree striker titans). The catalyst, which can be obtained through the heroic version of the menagerie, ups the damage by 20%, which means you can deal even more insane damage. You can pick up an Izanagi’s burden after completing the mysterious box quest from the black armory DLC.

  • Outbreak Perfected + Catalyst

Outbreak is still one of the best pulse rifles in the game. Its high damage stat combined with its intrinsic perk makes it a feared weapon in the crucible and PVE. The catalyst makes the intrinsic perk, parasitism (The nanites that spawn after dealing headshot damage) even more devastating by giving it a 25-30% increase in damage. This will be especially good for boss melting in Shadowkeep. Keep in mind that if you haven’t gotten the weapon yet, you can acquire it by completing the zero hour special mission.

  • Jotunn

You didn’t think we’d leave one of the most hated weapons in destiny’s crucible, out did you? Jotunn (The toaster gun) has been irritating players for months in PVP due to its high damage and its ability to track players. Currently, it’s silencing bosses in PVE due to a glitch that occurs when you shoot it at your feet. It’s so overpowered that Bungie has even banned it from the new raid, Garden of Salvation on day 1. You can acquire Jotunn from the Bergusia forge in the EDZ

  • Sole survivor

A gambit prime and reckoning exclusive, the sole survivor sniper rifle can dish out a ton of damage in PVE due to its unique perk, firing line, which increases the weapons precision damage by 20%. Pair this with a triple tap perk and you have yourself a very respectable DPS weapon in Shadowkeep. It’s also a great sniper in PVP with perks like snapshot and opening shot.

  • A well rolled scout rifle

Scout rifles are finally getting buffed! Which means you’ll need a well-rolled scout for PVP or PVE. Some I would recommend are the Night Watch, Calusea Noblesse, and the Vouchsafe. These scout rifles are not only great weapons, but they can also roll with amazing perks!

  • The Mountaintop

A PVE monster, this kinetic grenade launcher is currently one of the best weapons in the game, due to it’s insane DPS and the fact that it takes special ammo! This weapon also excels in PVP because of its unique perk, Micro-missile, which makes this weapons grenade shoots in a straight line, so you can line up your shots perfectly for direct hits that result in instant death. You can pick this weapon up by completing the “In pursuit of honor” pursuit from Lord Shaxx.

  • The Recluse

Speaking of pursuits from Shaxx, yet another pinnacle weapon is ending up on this list. The Recluse has been dominating in both the crucible and PVE due to its special perk, Master of arms, which increases the weapon’s damage after getting a kill with any weapon and swapping to the recluse. Currently, it’s one of the best all purposed weapons in the game, and you can acquire it by completing the “From the mouths of babes” pursuit from Lord Shaxx. (UPDATE: Bungie has recently announced plans to nerf the Master Of Arms perk, however, the weapon is still worth getting.)

  • A rapid-fire pulse rifle

Oh, the nostalgia. Shadowkeep is bringing a buff to all rapid-fire frame pulse rifles in the crucible and it’s going to be a good time. Most of the community is anticipating a Clever dragon style meta like the good old days of destiny 1, so you better be prepared. Pulse rifles like Outlast, Horrors least and Redrix’s Broadsword are must-haves for the crucible next season, so pick one up while you can.

  1. Sunshot

Don’t you just love it when developers listen to their community? We’ve been harassing Bungie for a VERY long time about a buff to the Sunshot and lo and behold, we got one. Sunshot is getting its magazine increased from 8 to 12! This means that we’ll probably be seeing a lot more of this weapon in the crucible after Shadowkeep drops, so pick one up and have some fun! You can acquire sunshot from exotic engrams or during the vanilla destiny 2 campaign.

While these certainly aren’t all the weapons that you’ll need, they’re a pretty good bunch that will help you in your fight against our nightmares on the moon. October 1st can’t come soon enough

I'm a high school student who's been playing destiny non-stop since the glory days of the taken king. I write weapon reviews and spend hours and hours in the crucible testing out different weapon rolls trying to find the best one.

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