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Destiny 2’s Shadowkeep Ritual Weapons (And Why I’m Not A Fan)

In this weeks TWAB, Bungie unveiled the pinnacle weapons for the season of the undying and they work a bit differently this time around…

Not so pinnacle anymore

In this weeks TWAB, Bungie unveiled the pinnacle weapons for the season of the undying and they work a bit differently this time around. For one thing, they aren’t called “Pinnacle” weapons anymore and are instead called “Ritual” weapons and Bungie states that they will be easier to get then the older pinnacle weapons. Bungie also says that these weapons won’t drop with special perks and will instead drop as curated rolls. Bungie explained that they wanted to stop introducing overpowered weaponry into the game and putting a skill gap between the hardcore players and the more casual players. I assume they’re talking about the Mountaintop-Recluse meta that’s happening right now. Both are meta weapons, but both are aquired in the crucible through tedious questlines (Although the mountaintop recently saw a change in its quest to make it easier to obtain). This forces players who don’t participate in the crucible, into the crucible in order to acquire the best loadout, which I guess is a no-no for Bungie. Players need incentive though. The Mountaintop and Recluse are well sought after weapons, which brings me to everyone’s favorite part of an article; The writers opinion!

The problem with these ritual weapons

I am not sold on these weapons. Not one bit. The fact that they drop as curated rolls and not with some special perk feels like it would take the reward of the grind away. We grinded for the Mountaintop for its ability to deal insane damage in PvE and its unique micro-missile perk. Some of us (myself included) remember the long and tedious grind towards the Recluse for its viability in PVP and PVE because of the master of arms’ slaughtering capabilities (Maybe I just suck, but I had to take a long leave of absence from competitive after obtaining Recluse)

The point I’m trying to make is if these weapons don’t provide us with some sort of benefit, what’s the point of chasing for them? What’s the point of slogging through a long and boring quest step, if the weapon you earn has the same perks and stats as another weapon you already have. Bungie didn’t give us details on these weapons perks so of course, I can’t confirm if they will be good or not, but I’m very interested to find out and we don’t have long to wait.

Have a look at the ritual weapons below and let me know your thoughts on them.

The “Edgewise” machine gun
The “Randys Throwing Knife” scout rifle
The “Exit Strategy” submachine gun

I'm a high school student who's been playing destiny non-stop since the glory days of the taken king. I write weapon reviews and spend hours and hours in the crucible testing out different weapon rolls trying to find the best one.



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