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Is The Time-Worn Spire The Best Iron Banner Weapon In Destiny 2?


The first Iron Banner live event is currently running in Destiny 2, and the fans have a lot to say about the new Iron Banner weapons that are dropping left, right, and centre for them. The Time-Worn Spire is just one of those weapons, a Pulse Rifle, but it’s being said to be one of the best, if not the best weapon that you can get from the Iron Banner.


The weapon doesn’t look like it’s any special, and apart from the colour scheme and tiny badge it doesn’t look that different to any other Pulse Rifle. The impact is very low, almost non-existent, and the range isn’t much better, but the stability of the weapon is where it helps you land the hits and that’s extremely good. The handling and reload speed are average, but with that kind of stability you can be sure that you’re going to land a number of hits.

The intrinsic perk on the weapon is Rapid-Fire Frame, which gives you deeper ammo reserves, and slightly faster reload speed when the magazine is empty. This is pretty great for a Pulse Rifle as you tend to exhaust the magazine in one go, so more bullets is one thing, but being able to reload faster and finish off that enemy with a final burst is another entirely.

There are three types of aim, first is Hitmark IS, which increases handling speed and gives a slight boost to range. The second is Red Dot Micro which increases handling speed and range. Finally there is the Rifle Scope SSF which slightly increases range and slightly decreases handling speed. The best of these is the Red Dot Micro because it furthers your range which is sorely needed with the stability this weapon provides.

Other perks on this weapon are Tactical Mag, which increases stability, reload speed and magazine size. This perk alone is enough to boost the entire weapon’s stats up to make it even more awesome, giving it almost perfect stability.

Accurized Rounds increases the range of the weapon and each bullet individually, while Zen Moment increases stability when dealing damage with the weapon. Both of these make great bedfellows when they work, but it can be tricky to get the balance right in the middle of a firefight.

During combat the weapon is snappy and can bring down enemies quickly and efficiently. However, even with the increased stability it can be very hard to a land a hit, frustratingly so. With that said, the increased magazine size means you can make short work of an enemy and miss them a few times, reloading faster than normal when you hear the empty  magazine click thanks to that intrinsic perk.

But is this the best Iron Banner weapon of Destiny 2? There are those who say that the SMG that can drop is better, but in my opinion they’re fairly matched. In that case I think it depends which weapon you prefer using, but this is definitely one of the top two weapons from the event so far.

Image Source: Comicbook

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