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Deafening Whisper Is The Best New Grenade Launcher

Get the right roll, and you’re an unstoppable god!


With the launch of Season of the Hunt, we got some new weapons, the most exciting of which is a Wave Frame Grenade Launcher, Deafening Whisper. It behaves just like its cousin, Martyr’s Retribution does, releasing a wave of energy when the grenade hits the ground. It’s everything the hardcore PvE player has ever wanted.

How to Get Deafening Whisper

The Deafening Whisper is tied to our new seasonal activity, Wrathborn Hunts. You’ll have to configure your Lure in order to target this grenade launcher, and it’s not always guaranteed to be an option. If it’s not, do another Wrathborn Hunt targeting something else and your options will re-roll.

You can also even target the perks using the second and third slot of your Lure, excluding certain perks from the possible pool! With this excellent way of targeting our loot, the god roll should be relatively easy to get. As this won’t really get used in PvP, we’ll only talk about the PvE god roll.

In slot 3, we have 3 great options to consider. Ambitious Assassin would be the best, as on a double kill, reloading will give you 2 grenades to work with. If you just can’t get that, Lead from Gold or Surplus are great options as well.

In slot 4, we only want Rampage or Wellspring. Either is fantastic, but Wellspring is going to have great synergy with ability-based builds, working just like Demolitionist, but for all abilities. Rampage is going to be very easy to keep at 3 stacks, especially when you can have 2 shots in quick succession with Ambitious Assassin.

Since this is a current season weapon, it will be sticking around for a long time before being sunset. Let us know if you got the god roll and how much you love it down in the comments.

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