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Analyzing Destiny 2’s Exotic Weapon Strengths: PvP and PvE Rankings

Analyzing Destiny 2’s Exotic Weapon Strengths: PvP and PvE Rankings

In the ever-unpredictable universe of Destiny 2, a guardian’s arsenal can make‍ all the difference between ⁤soaring to victory or plummeting into a pit of defeat faster than you can say “RNGesus.” And while every weapon is⁢ special in its own way, we’re here to break down the cream of the crop – the exotics that don’t just pack a punch,​ but deliver it in style. So grab your Ghost, dust off your favorite shaders, and get ready to dive into our ⁤rankings​ of​ Destiny 2’s most exotic weapons for both PvP and PvE. Because when ‌it comes to slaying aliens and fellow guardians alike, you’ll⁢ want to​ be armed to the ⁢teeth with the best ​of‌ the best.

Top Exotic Weapons for PvP in Destiny 2

Are you tired of using the same old weapons‌ in Destiny 2 PvP? Looking to spice things up and catch your opponents off guard? Look no further, because we’ve got a ⁢list ⁢of the top exotic weapons that will give you the edge⁣ in your next Crucible match!

First ⁤up, we have the MIDA Multi-Tool. This scout rifle not only packs a punch, but it also increases your movement⁤ speed, making‌ it easier to dodge enemy fire and get the ​drop​ on unsuspecting foes. ​Plus, the ⁢radar stays active while aiming down‌ sights, so you’ll​ always know where your enemies are lurking.

Next on our ⁢list is the Telesto fusion⁢ rifle. ‌This bad boy shoots explosive purple bolts that stick to surfaces and enemies before detonating in ⁤a glorious burst of destruction. It’s the perfect weapon for setting traps and⁣ taking out multiple enemies at once. Just be careful not to get caught in your own explosions!

And finally, we have ⁢the Wardcliff Coil rocket⁢ launcher. This‌ beast fires a volley of homing rockets ⁢that seek out and obliterate anything in their path. It’s ‍great for wiping out groups ⁤of enemies or taking down ⁣tough bosses ⁣in a flash. Just be prepared for the massive explosion that follows, as it can give away your position to any nearby opponents.

Ranking the Most Effective Exotic Weapons for PvE Content

When it comes ⁢to‍ taking on PvE content in the world of Destiny 2, having the right ‌exotic weapon in your arsenal can make all the‍ difference.⁢ From melting bosses to clearing waves of ⁤enemies, some exotics are‍ just more effective than others. ‌Here’s ⁢our rundown of the most ⁣effective exotic weapons ‍for PvE content:

In the top spot,⁤ we have the **Malfeasance** hand cannon. This bad boy ⁣is perfect for taking down powerful enemies with⁢ its explosive rounds and ability to spawn⁣ slugs that seek out targets. It’s like having a personal army of mini rockets at your disposal – talk about firepower!

Next up, we have the **Riskrunner** submachine gun. This zappy boy is a must-have for any PvE activity with its ability to chain lightning damage between enemies. Pop your arc shield and go to town on hordes of enemies, ⁤watching as⁢ they fall like dominos in a spectacular display of electricity.

And let’s not forget about the **Wendigo GL3** grenade launcher. This weapon⁣ may not have⁣ the flashiest⁤ name, but its explosive power is second to none. With the ability to​ dish out massive damage in⁤ a single shot, it’s perfect for taking down bosses in ​a flash. Plus, who doesn’t love a⁢ good game of explosive grenade hot potato?

Analyzing the Impact of Exotic Weapon Perks in Competitive Play

When it comes to Competitive Play, the impact of‍ exotic weapon perks cannot be underestimated. These perks can make or break a player’s performance in the heat of battle. Let’s dive into some ⁢of the most game-changing exotic weapon ⁤perks out there and ⁤how they can shake up the competitive scene.

One perk‍ that always causes a stir in Competitive Play is ⁢the **Outlaw** perk. This perk increases reload speed after landing‍ precision kills, ‍allowing players to keep⁢ up a constant stream of fire without being bogged‍ down by pesky⁤ reload times. Nothing ⁣strikes fear into the hearts of ⁢opponents like a guardian who can keep firing⁣ without missing a ⁣beat.

Another exotic perk that can completely shift the tide of ‍battle‌ is **Kill Clip**. This perk grants a damage boost after reloading following ​a kill, turning an already deadly ⁣weapon into ⁤an absolute powerhouse. In the hands of a skilled ⁤player, this perk can turn the tables on ‍even the most dominant opponents, leading to some truly‍ nail-biting moments in Competitive Play.

Lastly, let’s not forget ‌the **Rampage** perk. ⁤This perk⁤ increases ⁢damage after kills, rewarding players who can maintain a steady stream of eliminations. In the right hands, a weapon with Rampage‍ can become a force to be reckoned with, taking down opponents left and right with ease. It’s no wonder that players will ‌go to great lengths to obtain a weapon with this coveted perk for their arsenal.

Comparing Exotic Hand Cannons for Crucible and Strikes

When it comes to ‍dominating in Crucible and Strikes, having the right exotic hand cannon can ⁢make all ⁤the difference. There are a ton of options out there, each ‍with their own unique‍ perks and quirks. Let’s take a look at a few standout contenders:

The Last Word: This bad boy ​packs a punch with its ​lightning-fast rate of fire. Perfect for shredding through enemies in close quarters combat, The Last Word is a ⁤fan favorite for its lethal precision and stylish design. Just be careful not to get trigger happy and miss your shots, or you might find yourself on the receiving⁤ end of a ⁣beatdown!

Thorn: Ah, Thorn. The bane of many guardians’ existence. This ⁣prickly hand cannon⁣ not only deals massive damage over time with ‍its poison effect, but it ⁤also has ‌incredible range for a hand⁢ cannon. If you enjoy ‍watching your enemies wither away in agony ‌as they try to ‌escape your wrath, Thorn is the⁢ gun for you.

Sunshot: Looking to add a little⁤ explosion to your arsenal? Look no further than Sunshot. This hand cannon not only packs a punch with its high damage ⁤output, but its explosive rounds will send enemies flying in all⁢ directions. Nothing is more satisfying than watching ⁣a group of enemies explode ‌like fireworks on the Fourth of July!

Evaluating the⁢ Utility ‍of Exotic Sniper Rifles in PvP and PvE

Sniper rifles, those long-barreled beauties, are ⁤the ⁤darling of many ⁣a guardian in both PvP and PvE. But when‍ it comes to⁤ exotic​ sniper rifles, the stakes are higher, the damage is bigger, and the fashion is fiercer. Let’s take a closer⁢ look at whether these exotic beasts are worth their weight in gold.

In PvP, the folks who bring exotic sniper ​rifles to the party are the ones who like⁤ to live dangerously. These precision weapons require ​skill, patience, and a steady‍ hand – qualities that not every guardian possesses. But for ⁤those​ crack⁢ shots among us, wielding an exotic sniper rifle can ‍turn the tide⁤ of battle in an instant.⁢ The ability to take‌ out an opponent with a single, ​well-placed shot is a power⁤ that should not be underestimated.

Now, when it⁢ comes to PvE, exotic sniper rifles are a whole different ball game. Whether​ you’re facing down ​a⁣ swarm ⁢of enemies in a high-stakes raid or fending off hordes of aliens ⁤on a distant planet, having an exotic sniper rifle by your side can mean the difference between victory and defeat. With perks like explosive⁤ rounds, triple tap, and outlaw, these weapons pack a serious punch and can make⁣ short work of even the most formidable foes.

So, are exotic sniper rifles worth ⁢the hype? The answer, my fellow guardians, is⁣ a ⁣resounding YES. Whether you’re a PvP sharpshooter or a PvE ⁣powerhouse, these bad boys have got your back. So next ‌time you’re debating which weapon‌ to bring into battle, remember – nothing says “I mean business” quite like an exotic sniper⁢ rifle.

Examining the Versatility of Exotic ⁣Shotguns for Different Game Modes

So you think exotic shotguns are only good for⁤ close-quarter combat in ⁢PvP? Think again!‌ These bad boys pack a punch and can be ‍incredibly‍ versatile in different game modes. Here’s a breakdown of how you can maximize the potential of exotic shotguns ​in various ⁢game modes:

In Crucible, exotic shotguns can be a game-changer. Whether ⁤you’re playing Control or Clash, having one of these babies ​in your arsenal ‌can give you the upper hand. Take advantage of their high damage output and quick time-to-kill‌ to ‍take out enemies from surprising angles. ​Plus, nothing feels more satisfying than shutting down⁤ a super with one well-placed shot.

When it comes to Gambit, exotic shotguns can help you dominate the competition. Use ⁤them to ‌melt through enemy invaders ⁤and blockers, ​making it easier for your team to secure those precious ⁤motes. Their fast fire rate and devastating close-range⁤ damage⁤ make them ideal for clearing out pesky adds and boss enemies.

And let’s not forget about Nightfalls. Exotic‍ shotguns can make short work of high-value targets and boss enemies, giving you the edge in completing those tough strikes. Combine them with your favorite subclass and⁤ exotic‍ armor for maximum effectiveness. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work, so‌ coordinate with your fireteam to make the most ​out of your ⁤exotic shotgun’s potential.


Why should I care ‍about exotic weapon strengths in ⁤Destiny 2?

Because if ⁣you don’t, you might as well ⁣go back to using a water pistol against your enemies in the Crucible.

Which exotic weapons are best for PvP in Destiny 2?

For PvP, you’ll want to get your hands on weapons like The Last Word, Thorn, or Ace of Spades. Trust me, your opponents won’t know what ⁤hit them when ⁣you start mowing them down with these babies.

And ‌what about PvE rankings?

For PvE, weapons like Whisper of the Worm, Sleeper Simulant, and Thunderlord reign supreme. Just picture yourself taking down bosses​ with these bad⁤ boys – it’ll make you feel like a true guardian of the ⁢galaxy.

Are there any‌ sleeper hits⁣ that people might be overlooking?

Oh, absolutely! Keep your ​eyes peeled ‌for weapons like Outbreak Perfected, Riskrunner, or even the Tractor Cannon. They may not⁢ be getting all the hype, but trust me, they ⁤pack ⁤a punch.

Is it worth grinding for these exotic weapons?

Grinding for these weapons is like finding buried treasure in the ​world of Destiny​ 2. So yes, ​it’s definitely worth‍ it if you want to dominate in PvP or PvE activities. Plus, who doesn’t love showing ​off ⁣their exotic arsenal ‌to jealous fellow guardians?

Time to Unleash the Power!

Now that you have⁤ a better understanding of Destiny 2’s ‌exotic weapon strengths for both PvP and PvE, it’s time to put that knowledge to good use. Whether you’re dominating in the Crucible or conquering tough PvE challenges, make sure to pick the right exotic weapon⁢ for the job. ‍Remember, it’s not just about the firepower – ⁤it’s​ about the style and‌ finesse that comes with wielding these ⁣powerful weapons. So go forth, Guardian, and show the enemies of the Light what you’re made of!

I am a writer and Destiny 1 and 2 player. Love boxing, biking, running, and Whitman. Will never stop punching thrall, and will always mourn Gjallarhorn.

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