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Destiny 2 Wallpaper


We’ve collected some of the best Destiny 2 wallpaper from around the community so you can all enjoy it on your home computers or mobile devices. Check out each one for an explanation about what it is, where it’s from, and the location you can download it from.

This first piece of wallpaper is from an apparent promotion Virgin Media is running alongside their Fibre Optic broadband. While the promotion hasn’t been confirmed and may actually be a busted deal, there are a few screens you can see through the link under the image that are perfect for anyone’s wallpaper. This image is my personal favourite and I have to admit, staring at it does make me want to change providers just to get this sweet Sparrow.


Virgin Media

This next piece of wallpaper is of the Sweepr Exo that currently occupies the Tower in Destiny 1, and still exists in Destiny 2. As you play through the first mission in Destiny 2, at least from the beta, you’ll be fighting through the carnage of the Tower you’ll find a small reprieve in the corridors covered by the last remaining Guardians. Within these corridors you’ll find the Exo hard at work, still trying to keep the Tower clean even when each missile hit brings a fresh coating of dust over everything.



This next bit of wallpaper is one of my favourites. Cayde-6 is a hero, a Guardian all Guardians can look up to, and even though he has to go off and brood for a bit in Destiny 2 he’s still going to be the best of the Vanguard. In Destiny 2 we see all of the Vanguard fighting in-game, and Cayde-6 has a really great moment where he fires off three Golden Gun shots into enemies before your very eyes, totally badass. If all this wasn’t good enough, he’s voiced by Nathan Fillion.



So how does The Farm begin? Well this wallpaper is pretty great at describing that without having to tell you anything with words. If I was going to use the word beautiful for any artwork and wallpaper it would be this, I mean just look at the Traveller and Earth meeting up there. While it could be that this is where the first travellers settle to start The Farm of Destiny 2, it’s also highly likely that this is the moment the Traveller was brought to Earth, I think you can make the decision for yourself and tell whoever asks you about it all the facts.



If you’ve got any wallpapers you think we should feature then leave us a comment and tell us what makes it your favourite Destiny 2 Wallpaper. If you’ve got similar taste to me I’d love to hear about it, and even if you hate what we’ve shown here it would be great to have some diversity in the wallpaper we feature.

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