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What Is Transmog In Destiny 2 Beyond Light?

Understanding the changes in what Destiny 2 Transmog is in Beyond Light.

What Is Transmog In Destiny 2 Beyond Light?

Understanding what Transmog is in Destiny 2 Beyond Light is very easy. However, if you’re not totally sure what Transmog is already, then it’s going to be confusing. Bungie is changing the way that Transmog works in Destiny 2 with the release of Beyond Light. It’s new, and to be honest it’s much more friendly for Guardians who log in and play every day. The following is exactly what Transmog in Destiny 2 Beyond Light is.

Transmog in Destiny 2 Beyond Light allows you to customise any piece of armour in the game. You can apply the look of one piece of armour to another, but retain the stats of the armour you’re customising. The best part is that you don’t need to have a copy of every piece of armour to do this. As long as you have earned a piece of armour in the past, you can customise a new piece that you own and equip with that older piece’s appearance.

Just in case that isn’t clear enough, we’ve put together a description of how Transmog used to work, and how it’s changing.

How Transmog Works in Destiny 2

When it was first introduced with Destiny 2 Armour 2.0, Transmog implemented a feature that most MMOs have had for years. It allows you to alter the look of a piece of armour you own with the appearance of any other piece of armour you own.

This system was brought in because Guardians wanted to have the best stats possible on their armour, but they didn’t necessarily love the look of that armour. With so many different armour sets to collect, and combine in fabulous ways, Transmog makes it easy to retain the look of a particular set without pulling down your Power Level. It also helps you maintain your armour sets for different purposes, such as PVE and PVP, but keep the look of the rarest armour in the game.

Changes To Transmog With Destiny 2 Beyond Light

In Beyond Light, Transmog is changing once again. The best part of this change is that it will totally free up your inventory.

Many Guardians have been holding onto their armour sets because they want to ensure they can use their look with other pieces of armour. This is no longer necessary.

Once you’ve earned a piece of armour, you can use it’s appearance to Transmog another piece of armour. You can delete that original piece and still use the appearance forever.

Bungie is scraping every Guardian’s account with the launch of Beyond Light to capture all of this information. It should result in you having a hefty library of armour customisation options, and a very free Vault.

Check out a clip of Luke Smith discussing this here.

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1 Comment

  1. Bell

    November 5, 2020 at 1:10 am

    Will this be available on 11/10 with beyond light release?

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