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Simulation Safeguard Destiny 2 Weekly Mission Guide

A quick guide to completing Simulation Safeguard in Destiny 2.

Simulation Safeguard Destiny 2 Weekly Mission Guide

Simulation Safeguard is a weekly Destiny 2 mission that you’ll be picking up and completing for some pretty great gear. You’re introduced to this form of repeatable quest by Variks, who sends you into Bray Exoscience on a quest. Once you’ve finished that initial quest, named ‘Old Secrets’, you’ll be able to access the repeatable missions. Be warned, the Power Level requirement for these is high, 1230, so make sure you’re well equipped. These enemies aren’t messing around.

How To Complete Simulation Safeguard Destiny 2

This mission is mostly focused on combat. You need to defend two Ziggurat platforms from the waves of Vex that will assault you. The platforms are at each side of the level, so they’re not very close to each other at all.

The stability of the Ziggurats will regenerate over time while enemies aren’t standing on them. Should a Vex manage to get their gross metal feet onto a platform though, they’ll cause the percentage each one’s at to fall. If you don’t get the Vex off of it, the platform will reach 0%, and you’ll fail the mission.

Over the course of the mission, there are Vex confluxes at either side that will become available to shoot as time goes on. Shooting one of these causes the Vex to malfunction temporarily. This freezes them in place, giving you some breathing space, but also making it a bit easier to take a few of them out without incoming fire.

You’ll hit a checkpoint after the fourth wave of Vex has been defeated. Don’t get cocky though, that means something bigger is on the way. A gate will open and a boss will appear out of the portal. You’ve got to kill this Vex to finish the mission. Once you have, you’ll be taken back to Europa.

As you can probably tell, these missions aren’t designed to be easy. They’re still PvE, but they’re so much more challenging than anything you’ll face on Europa. I’d say they’re up there with Hero Nightfall: The Ordeal Strikes, since the Power Requirement for those is 1220.

Let us know what you think of these repeatable missions, and if you get through one, in the comments.

Image Source: Destiny Tracker

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