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Of All Trades: Deep Stone Crypt Challenge Guide

Another new challenge was activated today, and I immediately got on to bring you this challenge guide as quick as possible. It’s a fun one, so buckle up.

How To Complete Of All Trades

TL;DR: Every player has to use each augment once.

It sounds simple on the surface, but, as there’s only 6 total rounds to do this in, you have to be tight with your coordination. 

Each guardian will have to rotate their augments each round, taking a round off in between augment rounds. The best way to complete this is to number each player 1-6, and learn the order in which you will grab your augments.

Thanks to reddit user JoeGibbons, who made a handy graphic on who grabs which augment, and when. You’ll see that player 1 will grab Scanner first round, off second, Operator third, off fourth, Suppressor fifth, and off sixth.

Keeping on top of your augment rotations is a must, as if anyone doesn’t act as every single role, the challenge will fail.

Another important note: be sure to start rotating augments AFTER one is deactivated at the end of a round, to prevent the next three guardians from getting deactivated and thus, failing the challenge.

Good luck guardians, and enjoy your extra loot!

I am an avid Destiny 2 player and raider. I fell in love with the game during Forsaken and have been playing ever since. I love raiding with my friends and clanmates, and love creating content from that perspective.

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