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How To Get The Exotic Machine Gun Heir Apparent In Destiny 2

Heir Apparent is the latest event exclusive Exotic in Destiny 2. It can very easily be yours, but you’ll need this guide in order to get your hands on it.


Heir Apparent is the brand new Exotic Machine gun that’s available to earn as part of Guardian Games. It’s sat in Eva Levante’s inventory, and you just need to complete the requirements she’s set in order to get it.

Complete the ‘Class Act’ Triumph

As you could probably have guessed, the weapon is intrinsically linked to a Triumph. This seems to be Bungie’s new way of setting goals for certain items, but at least it makes it easy to track.

You need to complete seven Guardian Games Triumphs if you want to pick up Heir Apparent. Unfortunately, this probably means that it’s going to take you quite some time to earn this latest Exotic.

There are more Triumphs than you need to complete in order to get Heir Apparent, so pick the seven from the list below that sound easiest for you, then have at it.


  • Star Athlete – Complete all eleven Guardian Games 2020 Triumphs
  • Class Act – Complete any seven Guardian Games 2020 Triumphs (this is the one that also nets you Heir Apparent)
  • Renowned – Collect laurels in the Guardian Games 2020 from charged melee, grenade, and Super final blows
  • Great Deeds – Collect laurels in the Guardian Games 2020 from Forges, Strikes, Gambit matches, and from destinations
  • Gold Medalist – Redeem 30 Gold medals during the Guardian Games 2020
  • Medalist – Redeem 75 medals of any type during the Guardian Games 2020
  • Show your Colours – Complete Guardian Games bounties during the Guardian Games 2020
  • Represent – Defeat enemies with abilities in Vanguard Strikes and Nightfall Strikes during the Guardian Games 2020
  • Quintuple Threat – Redeem a Gold medal for Forges, destinations, Strikes, Gambit, and the Crucible in the Guardian Games 2020
  • World Class – Redeem Forge or destination medals during the Guardian Games 2020
  • Guardian Gamble – Redeem Gambit medals during the Guardian Games 2020
  • Embrace the Light – Defeat Guardians in the Rumble Crucible playlist during the Guardian Games 2020

We sort of lied, there is one tiny last requirement once you’ve earned seven Triumphs and have completed the ‘Class Act’ Triumph. You need to buy Heir Apparent for 25,000 Glimmer.

With money exchanged, the new Machine Gun is yours, and it’s a beast. We’ll be looking into how good it is overall in Destiny 2 tomorrow. Let us know what you think of it in the comments.

Image Source: GamesRadar

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