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How to get Mask of Bakris in Destiny 2

how to get mask of bakris

As with most expansions, Destiny 2: Beyond Light introduced a large variety of gear and weapons. One key addition (you guessed it!) is the Mask of Bakris.

The mask of Bakris is an Exotic Hunter helm that can be acquired from Legendary or Master difficulty Lost Sectors. The journey to obtain the protective helm may be fraught with danger, but it will be worth it for any Hunter (especially when Bungie has since introduced several Stasis tools that synergize exceptionally well with the item).

So without further ado, let’s find out how and why Destiny 2 players should be putting in the effort to acquire the Mask of Bakris in 2022.

Why Should Players Use the Mask of Bakris in Destiny 2?

The Mask of Bakris not only has a valuable perk but is excellent when used in conjunction with stasis and certain weapons in Destiny 2.


  • Light Shift: This allows players to replace their Stasis subclass dodge ability with one of a longer range. It offers a faster-moving shift that also partially cloaks a Guardian while in use. After a player shifts, their Arc weapons can temporarily deal increased damage to their opponents, including slowed or frozen enemies.

Suggested Build

A great way to utilize the Mask of Bakris is with an emphasis on stasis. This can be done with an Ager’s Scepter Exotic Stasis Trace Rifle, which really takes advantage of the helmet’s boost to DPS (Damage Per Second). The Mask of Bakris particularly excels when it comes to DPS as all targets directly affected by stasis receive 10% more damage when Light Shift is active. This is especially effective when stacked with other damage sources.

This build is also particularly great for PVE as well. The Ager’s Scepter, initially obtained in the Season of the Lost, allows players to better support their teammates by freezing enemies, supplying energy to their fireteam, and bolstering their shield. This Mask of Bakris build makes a player almost impossible to kill, which is incredibly useful during PVE activities such as Nightfalls, Raids, and Lost Sectors.

mask of bakris

Weapons to Use with the Mask of Bakris

  • Ager’s Scepter (Kinetic): the Ager’s Scepter is an Exotic Kinetic Trace Rifle with two great perks:
    1. Ager’s Call: When players deal the final blow to an enemy, the weapon will generate a slow burst around the target.
    2. Rega’s Refrain: Final blows using stasis will transfer ammo to the Scepter’s magazine from the reserves.

This is by far the best pairing with the Mask of Bakris (which is why it is used in the recommended build above), although the following weapons are also great.

  • Wolftone Draw (Energy): This is a Legendary Energy Combat Bow with a Precision Frame. Essentially, this means it offers a longer draw time which is optimized for damage.
  • Tarantula (Power – Linear Fusion): This Legendary Power Linear Fusion Rifle deals Arc damage with its Precision Frame. It has the power to fire long-ranged precision energy bolts with a recoil pattern that is more predictably vertical.
  • Agile Bowstring, Carbon Arrowshaft, Impulse Amplifier, and Dragonfly: All of these are great for PVE in Destiny 2 when coupled with the Mask of Bakris. The Agile Bowstring increases handling speed and improves stability, while the Carbon Arrowshaft boosts stability. The Impulse Amplifier enhances projectile speed and reloads speed, as the Dragonfly creates elemental damage explosions.

Useful Mask of Bakris Mods

  • Focusing Lens: This has players’ Light abilities deal bonus damage to enemies affected by stasis.
  • Hands-On: Players can gain super energy when killing enemies with melee weapons. It is obtained from the Season Artifact.
  • Font of Wisdom: When a player picks up an Elemental Well that matches their subclass energy, this grants them a temporary bonus to weapon damage of that same elemental type.
  • Elemental Charge: This charges players with light when they pick up an Elemental Well.
  • Elemental Armaments: Final blows done with a damage type that matches a player’s subclass element will increase the chance of an Elemental Well spawning.
  • Elemental Shards: This makes stasis shards count as stasis Elemental Wells.
  • High-Energy Fire: Players will deal increased damage when charged with light.

how to get the mask of bakris destiny 2

How to get the Mask of Bakris in Destiny 2

The Mask of Bakris was one of the Exotic pieces of armor players could obtain in Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Season of the Chosen. When playing through the expansion, fans can farm the Exotic armor in Europa’s Legendary and Master Lost Sectors. In these areas, there’s a chance Exotic pieces will drop (including the Mask of Bakris).

It’s worth noting that the Legendary and Master Lost Sectors change daily, so take a look at the chart below for the locations and rewards available for the next few weeks (in 2022). It’s also important to note that Exotic drops are not guaranteed, so players may need to complete the quests multiple times to obtain their desired reward.

Date Legendary / Master Lost Sector Reward
Apr 28 Extraction Exotic Head Armor
Apr 29 Veles Labyrinth Exotic Legs Armor
Apr 30 Exodus Garden 2A Exotic Arms Armor
May 1 Aphelion’s Rest Exotic Chest Armor
May 2 Bay of Drowned Wishes Exotic Head Armor
May 3 Chamber of Straight Exotic Legs Armor
May 4 K1 Revelation Exotic Arms Armor
May 5 K1 Crew Quarters Exotic Chest Armor
May 6 K1 Logistics Exotic Head Armor
May 7 Metamorphosis Exotic Legs Armor
May 8 Sepulcher Exotic Arms Armor
May 9 Extraction Exotic Chest Armor
May 10 Veles Labyrinth Exotic Head Armor
May 11 Exodus Garden 2A Exotic Legs Armor
May 12 Aphelion’s Rest Exotic Arms Armor


Along with the chart above, players can check the locations and rewards in-game by completing all of the Lost Sectors on regular difficulty and then checking the map. For example, the Mask of Bakris will drop in the location with the “Exotic Helmet Reward.” Players should complete the Legendary or Master Sector as a Hunter to get a chance at the helmet dropping (again, it may take several tries).

While it may take patience and determination, the Mask of Bakris can be an incredible asset to any hunter in Destiny 2, even in Season 16. If you’re a hunter looking for a new build, definitely check out the one detailed above.

Also known as @DaniAmore on Twitter, Dani is a lover of books, games, and movies. If she isn’t writing, she can most likely be found rewatching all 29+ MCU movies for the twelfth time, trying to complete her Pokédex, or playing Destiny 2.

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