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How to Get Cloudstrike – Destiny 2’s Newest Exotic Sniper

Here’s how you can get your hands on the new Beyond Light Exotic Sniper and make it rain lightning upon your foes!

How to Get Cloudstrike - Destiny 2's Newest Exotic Sniper

Now that the Deep Stone Crypt has been cleared, some new content has been unlocked in Beyond Light! Not the least of which is the new Exotic Sniper Cloudstrike which, with its Stormbringer perk and Mortal Polarity trait, summons lightning whenever you score a precision kill or rack up three precision hits in a row. Obtaining this weapon isn’t too difficult, but since there is no quest guiding players through it, it can be easy to get lost. That’s why we are here to help! Here is how you can get this weather-wielding killing machine!

A Hard Rain Falls

The first thing you are going to want to do is head over to the Beyond on Europa and visit the Exo Stranger and pick up a quest titled “A Hard Rain Falls.” This quest is going to ask you to the current eclipse zone (signaled by the golden crux on the Europa map) and complete public events and patrols. I recommend doing heroic public events as they seem to give you the most progress. Once complete head back to the Exo Stranger to turn in the quest and get rewarded with the legendary sidearm High Albedo.

Europan Explorer

Now head north and visit Variks. Upon opening the sabotage quest menu you should notice that more of the quests have been unlocked! Grab Europan Explorer I which asks you to go get kinetic, energy, and power weapon kills on Europa. This task is super easy, just run around and have fun!

Once you are done with that head back to Variks and pick up the Europan Explorer II. This quest will have you going into Empire Hunts and taking out 30 challenging enemies. This step is a little harder, but only in that, I had to do two Empire Hunts to complete it. Once it’s done, though, you will be able to select an Empire Hunt from the Europa map and move on to the final step!

Time to Grind

The final step of obtaining your very own Cloudstrike is to just run the Empire Hunt and hope that it drops. You can attempt the hunt on any difficulty and Cloudstrike will eventually drop for you. Right now, it doesn’t seem like it matters what difficulty you choose. Personally, it dropped for me on roughly my tenth completion of the hunt at 1180.

Well, there you have it! That’s everything you need to do to add Cloudstrike to your collection. It’s not too complicated, just takes some patience and determination!

Image Source: Polygon

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