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Destiny 2 Exotics Ranked: From Bottom to Top

Destiny 2 Exotics Ranked: From Bottom to Top

In the vast universe of Destiny 2, where epic battles ⁤and mysterious quests ⁣reign supreme, one⁢ particular type of treasure stands out amongst the rest – weapons/destiny-xur-inventory-should-you-buy-the-zhalo-supercell/” title=”Destiny Xur Inventory: Should You Buy The Zhalo Supercell?”>Exotics

. From weapons that⁢ can ⁤vaporize​ enemies‌ in the blink of an eye to⁢ armor ⁢that grants unimaginable powers, Exotics are the crown jewels of every Guardian’s arsenal.⁣ But not all Exotics ⁤are created equal. So, ‍grab some ​popcorn and settle in as we take ⁤a light-hearted journey⁤ through the wacky world of‍ Destiny ⁢2 Exotics, ‍ranking them from bottom to top. It’s time to separate the sweet loot from the complete poop!

Exotics with ⁢Limited Utility ​in Endgame Activities

So, you’ve collected all the rare and exotic ⁤weapons Destiny has to offer, but you’ve come to realize that some of ⁣them are about⁣ as useful in endgame‍ activities as a chocolate teapot. Fear not, Guardian, for you are ⁢not alone in your ⁢disappointment. ⁣Let’s ⁢take a ⁢look​ at some exotics that ⁣just don’t quite cut it when the going gets tough.

First up, we⁢ have the ⁢ Trinity Ghoul. This bow may look cool and shoot lightning‍ arrows, but when it comes to dealing damage‌ in raids ​or​ Nightfall strikes, it falls short. It’s like⁢ bringing a water gun to a flamethrower fight. Sure, it’s fun to use in ⁣patrol zones, but ‌when ⁣you’re facing down a ​boss with⁣ a ⁤million hit points, you might as well be⁢ tossing marshmallows at them.

Next on ‌the list⁢ is the ‌ Wish-Ender. This bow has‌ a cool aesthetic​ and ‌can see through ‌walls,⁣ but when it comes to DPS, it’s about as effective as trying to take‌ down ​a tank with a pea shooter. ⁢It’s like‌ bringing a knife to a gunfight – sure, you might ‌get a few hits in, but you’re ultimately just ⁣delaying the ⁢inevitable.

And let’s⁤ not⁤ forget ⁣about the Sunshot. This hand ‌cannon may have explosive rounds ‍and look flashy, but​ when it⁤ comes to ⁤taking‍ on hordes of enemies in endgame​ activities,⁣ it’s ⁣like ⁣trying to put out a wildfire with a squirt gun. You’ll be‍ lucky if you ‌manage​ to⁣ tickle them ⁢into submission.

Mid-tier Exotics with Versatile Applications

Are you tired‍ of the same‌ old exotic gear that ⁤only seems to have one specific​ use? Look no further than ⁤these !

First up, we ⁤have ⁣the ⁣ Sunshot ‍hand cannon. This⁣ baby not only‌ packs a punch in the⁤ Crucible, but its explosive⁣ rounds are perfect‍ for clearing out mobs of enemies⁣ in PvE activities. Need to take down a pesky yellow-bar enemy? Sunshot has got you covered. Plus, who‍ doesn’t love ⁤a little bit of fiery‍ mayhem?

Next on ‌the list is the Graviton Lance pulse ​rifle. Sure, it’s​ great for taking out enemies at a distance, but⁤ did ⁣you know that its signature perk can create void explosions ⁣that chain to ⁤nearby ​enemies? Talk about crowd control! And let’s not ‍forget about its ​satisfyingly precise recoil pattern – it’s like a symphony of destruction.

And ​finally, we ‍have‌ the Trinity Ghoul bow. Not only does this beauty shoot⁤ lightning​ arrows​ that chain to ‍nearby foes, ​but its exotic ‍perk can also make those arrows explode on precision hits. It’s like having a fireworks show at‌ your fingertips – except the fireworks are ​deadly and⁢ aimed at your ⁤enemies.

High-tier Exotics for Crucible ⁣and Gambit ​Matches

Looking to dominate in​ Crucible⁤ and ⁣Gambit matches? Look no‍ further than‌ these⁣ high-tier exotics that will give you the‍ edge you ⁣need to come out⁣ on​ top!

  • The Last Word: ⁤This hand⁤ cannon is perfect for ‌those ⁢who like to get up close and personal with ‌their enemies. Its⁢ rapid fire rate and high ​damage make it a force to ​be reckoned ‍with ⁢in any PvP match.
  • One-Eyed Mask: Titans, rejoice! This⁤ exotic helmet ⁤not only provides ​a damage buff after ⁤taking ⁤damage, but ‌also‌ marks⁢ enemies​ who damage you,​ allowing you to ⁣track ‍them down and exact your ‌revenge.
  • Wavesplitter: Warlocks, listen up! This trace rifle ‌dishes out ⁣devastating Arc ‌damage that⁣ increases in​ power as you continue to land shots. ⁢It’s‍ perfect ​for taking out multiple enemies at ‌once.

Don’t settle for mediocrity ⁤in ⁣the Crucible ‍or Gambit. Equip yourself with these high-tier exotics and show your opponents who’s boss!

Top-tier Exotics with⁢ Game-changing Abilities

Need a little ​extra ​firepower in your⁢ arsenal? Look no further than these !

  • The Gjallarhorn: This rocket ‌launcher is a force to be ⁤reckoned with. ‍Its Wolfpack Rounds decimate‌ enemies with a flurry of mini-missiles,⁣ making it ⁤a must-have⁣ for any⁢ serious Guardian.
  • The Thorn: This​ hand cannon doesn’t‍ just shoot bullets – it shoots poison bullets. Your enemies ‍won’t know⁤ what hit them when they start⁣ slowly withering away ‍after ⁢being struck by this deadly weapon.
  • The Celestial Nighthawk: Want to ​take down a⁢ boss ​in one shot?⁢ Look no‌ further than this exotic Hunter helmet. Its⁤ Big Game⁣ perk turns⁣ your ⁤Golden ⁤Gun ‍into‌ a supercharged ‍sniper ⁣shot, ​perfect for‌ those tough-as-nails⁢ enemies.

These exotics are not just weapons – they’re game-changers.⁤ With their unique abilities and ⁤powerful perks, you’ll be tearing through enemies⁢ like never before. So why settle ⁣for ordinary when you ‍can‌ wield the extraordinary? Upgrade your loadout ⁢with‍ one of⁢ these ⁢top-tier exotics​ and watch ‌as the battlefield bends to your will.

Must-have Exotics for Raiding and Nightfall Strikes

When‌ it comes to tackling the toughest‍ challenges in ​Destiny 2,‌ having the right Exotic gear can make all‌ the difference. Whether you’re facing off against hordes of enemies in a Raid or navigating through a treacherous Nightfall ⁣Strike, these Exotics ⁤are ‌essential ‌for surviving and thriving in the chaos.

The ⁤first​ Exotic on our list is ‍the One-Eyed ‌Mask, a helmet that not ‌only gives ⁢you​ enhanced​ tracking abilities but also regenerates your health whenever you defeat an enemy that dares to challenge you. If​ you want to​ strike ⁤fear into the hearts of your foes while⁢ keeping yourself topped ⁣off on health, this Exotic ​is a must-have.

Next up, we have the⁣ Whisper of‍ the Worm, a sniper rifle that hits harder​ than a ‍Titan’s shoulder charge. This ​Exotic is perfect for taking ⁤down bosses and high-value targets in Raids and Nightfall Strikes with ease. Plus, its unique perk allows you to continuously deal massive damage as ⁢long as you ​land precision shots.

And last ‌but certainly not least, the Phoenix Protocol chest piece is ‍a ⁢game-changer for Warlocks ⁣who want to ⁣maximize their abilities in Raids⁣ and Nightfall Strikes. Not only does it increase your Super energy when you score ‌kills with your Well of Radiance, but it also refunds Super ⁤energy whenever⁢ allies stand in your well. With this Exotic,‌ you’ll be ‍a⁢ support powerhouse that keeps your ​team ⁤going strong through⁣ the toughest battles.


What’s‍ the most powerful exotic weapon in Destiny⁣ 2?

The honor of the most ⁢powerful ⁣exotic weapon in Destiny 2 goes ‍to the mighty Gjallarhorn. This rocket ⁣launcher is a force to be reckoned with,‍ capable of decimating foes with its devastating explosions.⁣ Trust us, you’ll want this‌ bad ‌boy⁣ in your arsenal.

Are there‌ any exotic weapons ⁤that are just ⁤downright terrible?

Ah, yes, the ‍infamous‌ Fighting Lion. This exotic grenade launcher is about as useful as a chocolate teapot in a firefight. It’s weak, ⁣cumbersome, and downright embarrassing⁢ to use. Avoid it like the plague.

Which exotic armor ‌piece is a game-changer for players?

When it comes to game-changing exotic armor, look no ⁢further‍ than the Ophidian⁤ Aspect gauntlets for Warlocks. These bad boys boost your reload speed and‌ melee ​range, making you ⁣a force ​to be reckoned⁣ with on the battlefield. Plus, they look pretty badass, if we‌ do say so ourselves.

Is ⁣there ‌an exotic weapon that’s a hidden gem?

If you’re looking ​for‌ a hidden​ gem in⁢ the world of exotic weapons, check⁢ out ‌the Ace of Spades⁣ hand cannon. This beauty not⁤ only packs a‌ punch, but ⁢also has⁣ a‌ nifty perk that⁤ can ⁢help you out⁤ in sticky situations. Trust​ us, you’ll want this‍ baby in your holster.

What’s the best ⁣way to obtain exotic weapons in Destiny ⁢2?

The⁤ best way to⁤ obtain exotic⁣ weapons‌ in Destiny 2 is through a mix of⁣ luck and ⁢hard work. You can⁣ earn them through⁣ completing‌ quests, participating in ⁢activities like raids⁣ and strikes,‍ or even ‌purchasing‍ them⁣ from Xur, the ​mysterious ‍vendor who visits the game world every weekend. ‌So get out there, Guardian, and start ⁢hunting for⁤ those exotics!

Time to Gear Up!

Now that you have the lowdown on the best and worst Exotics in Destiny ​2, it’s​ time to hit ​the grind and get your‍ hands on ⁣these powerful​ weapons⁤ and armor pieces. Whether ​you’re rocking​ the top-tier Exotics or the ⁣bottom of the barrel, remember that it’s all about‍ having fun and looking⁤ fabulous while doing it. ​So get‍ out there, ‍Guardian, ⁣and show ⁣the universe who’s boss!

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