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Was Bungie Wise to Split from Activision as the Publishing Studio for Destiny?

Activision released the Destiny series between 2014 and 2019, but the partnership ended when there were disputes between the publisher and Bungie about the direction the game could head in. Ultimately, Activision wanted too much creative control, and the Destiny developer didn’t want that to happen.

Bungie now publishes Destiny itself, and the games have remained strong and successful. Despite Activision being one of the biggest gaming conglomerates in the country, the move appears to have been a good one on the part of Bungie.

Activision is One of the Most Powerful Studios in the USA

When the news first came out about the split from Activision, some Destiny players may have been worried. The publishing company is one of the biggest in the USA and has a lot of power in the industry. It has brought success to a vast number of small development studios thanks to its influence on the market, and always positions itself in up-and-coming regions.

New Jersey, for example, has become a hotbed for game developers in recent times with studios like High Voltage Software, Scientifically Proven Entertainment, and Vicarious Visions operating there. The online gaming market is getting bigger in the Garden State as well, with fresh options like PlayStar casino online in New Jersey having recently opened. It features numerous games from American developers but also includes some world-famous titles like Blood Suckers and Starburst.

Activision got into the New Jersey gaming scene with its acquisition of Vicarious Visions in 2005. Since then, the small studio has gone from strength to strength and has been involved with high-profile series like Guitar Hero and Call of Duty. If Bungie had stuck with Activision, perhaps its trajectory could have been similar.

Split From Activision Allowed for Sony Takeover

Even though Activision has a history of helping development studios to greatness, Bungie’s split from the company was ultimately a wise decision. Not only does it now have full control over Destiny and any future updates to the franchise, but it also enabled Sony Interactive Entertainment to come in and buy the company.

The acquisition was completed in 2022, with Bungie now existing as a subsidiary of the Japanese giant. The studio still remains an independent development company and publisher, allowing it to operate in the same way as before. Only this time, it also has the backing of one of the greatest gaming conglomerates in the world. Activision may have held some sway in the USA for Bungie, but Sony will doubtlessly help more with marketing in Japan and the rest of Asia.

Since the split from Activision, the Destiny updates have been met with strong approval from critics. Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, for example, earned a strong score of 8/10 from IGN, who regarded it as the best form of Destiny yet. This suggests that Bungie is doing just fine without Activision.

When Polygon first reported on the Activision and Bungie split, gamers were right to be worried about the future. It turns out, however, that it was the right decision. Bungie and Destiny are in a healthy place now, with the full backing of Sony.

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