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Inside the Destiny Mind: Which Mental Skills are Important?

When it comes to classifying gamers into different categories, there’s almost an endless number of possibilities. As gaming continues to occupy more space in mainstream culture, there’s an expanding roster of games that touch on just about every interest. The Destiny franchise, however, touches on many of these.

The game is a multi-player FPS, an online-only adventure that includes shared-world elements, role-playing features, extensive weapon variation, and plenty of different missions that involve PvE and PvP setups. Given how vast the project is and how expansive its later DLCs are, there are almost endless ways for players to engage with the project… which is good, considering its last release came out in 2017.

But what sort of mental skills do Destiny players develop? And how are these different from the skills that players who prefer other games might develop? Let’s explore below.

Analytical & Logical Thinking

As outlined above, there’s a lot going on in Destiny. In fact, developers designed the game to be extensive and layered. Players have to take on a role as they explore the shared world, undertake raids and strikes with others, and forecast how their character will develop as the game evolves.

It’s a lot to keep track of, especially when you throw in multiple maps, subclass interactions, weapon limitations, spawning considerations, gauging another player’s skill level, and even reading angles. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, when it comes to mental gymnastics, Destiny players have a lot in common with poker pros.

Anyone who has explored learning the ropes in a game like poker will quickly realize there’s a lot to keep track of. They need to study hand rankings and strategies, manage their bankroll and tilts, and develop a feel for gauging other players—including when to bluff. That type of hardboiled analytical and logical thinking is the same type that Destiny players have to employ if they want to improve.

Teamwork & Solo Skills

The average Destiny player will need to focus on developing their own individual skills, particularly those related to shooting accuracy, and how to work with a team. This is a unique element in the game, as titles are typically either single-player or multiplayer. With its shared world, Destiny players often aren’t alone… but they still have to learn how to survive in solo missions.

Typically, if a player is on a team, they might be able to get away with one skill—sometimes that’s sniping, other times it’s knowing when to push. They might be an expert in a certain class or with a certain weapon.

But a well-rounded Destiny player can do a bit of everything. They are dynamic in a team setting and can offer multiple skill sets. They’re also deadly when they’re alone, and able to use their resources wisely. This makes them a unique type of player in the FPS sector, with mental dexterity that fans of other games might not have.

Character Development

As Destiny players progress, they’ll switch around classes and species. While their species doesn’t affect their character, the choice between being a Hunter, Warlock, or Titan does. This means that Destiny players will change classes and species, along with several armor slots from helmets to legs. Some of these cover aesthetic changes alone—but most of these choices will affect how the game progresses.

In other words, players have to make decisions about the ‘future’ as they fight their way through time. They have to decide which characters to develop their XP with as they advance. This makes it similar to MOBA Apex Legends, which includes a huge number of heroes for players to choose from.

While the battle royale plays out quite a bit differently from Destiny releases, Apex Legends is a first-person battle game that includes tons of different characters, skillsets, and specific weapons. They’ll need to mix and match if they want to find their perfect hero and develop the necessary skills to be indispensable on their team.

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