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The most underrated video games to ever exist

Video games provide a haven for many people, where they can explore unreal fantasies and realities. In today’s world, video games have become a prevalent means of entertainment. However, some games are often underrated. Here are some of the most underrated ones to ever exist.

Bonfire Peaks

Bonfire Peaks is an exciting game created by video game developer Corey Martin and released in September 2021. Players enjoy a voxel-based reality as they navigate through the game to solve around 200 puzzles. Solving each puzzle helps you advance to the next level.

By solving a series of puzzles and completing rewarding challenges, players detach themselves from worldly possessions. Such a game would appeal more to a mature audience that understands the price one often has to pay to obtain worldly possessions – the hard work and sacrifice.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the sequel to the Rise of the Tomb Raider game. The Tomb Raider media franchise is massive, ranging from video games, to movies, and even influencing some Platincasino slots games. Media franchises of this sort are common nowadays. We see different media’s themes, symbols and storylines with direct reference from an original book, film or video game.

However, the game in question was developed by Eidos Montreal and published in September 2018. It allows players to explore ancient tombs and track down precious artefacts that are nowhere to be found anymore. Throughout the game, you’ll travel through the jungles and mysterious caves in search of artefacts. Most players planning on playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider have likely played the previous games. They often prefer this previous version, which is why its sequel is sometimes regarded as underrated.


Mundaun is a horror game developed by Hidden Fields and published in March 2021. The game follows the journey of Curdin to his grandfather’s hometown, where he learns his grandfather died in a fire. Curdin later finds a burned body and an empty grave where his grandfather was presumably buried. He then embarks on a journey to the top of the mountain, solving challenges and fighting enemies to uncover the truth.

Players who embark on Curdin’s journey tend to lose interest because the story is slow, and you progress slowly throughout the game. The game’s hand-drawn visuals don’t help much in holding players’ interest.

Steel Assault

Steel Assault is a side-scrolling game developed by Zenovia Interactive. It was released in September 2021 and is based on a post-apocalyptic American scene. The story follows a famous inventor and scientist who becomes a general. The general begins his reign by trying to take out all his enemies. The main character is Tayo, a key member of the resistance.

If you’re a player who enjoys a super hard challenge, then you’ll enjoy playing the game. Otherwise, you’ll find the game too hard unless you’re a hardcore gamer. This difficulty level, plus the fact that the game features an off-putting short story, discourages most players from sticking to the end.


Vampyr is an action-packed game based on the supernatural. It was developed by Dontnod Entertainment and resealed in June 2018. The game follows the story of Dr. Jonathan Reid, who turns into a vampire, and his struggle to stay true to his moral code and fight his newfound thirst for blood. The game’s primary goal is to uncover the mystery behind who or what turned Dr.Reid into a vampire.

Vampyr is a pretty simple game, causing most players to lose interest because of this. The game’s combat is considered simpler than is expected of a superhuman-themed game.

No More Heroes

No More Heroes is an assassin game created by Goichi Suda and released in 2007. However, since the first version, several other sequels have been released. After your character wins a Kitana at an auction, he soon runs out of money and has to work for a woman who wants a man dead. Killing a man earns him the 11th spot in an Assassins Association, after which he then strives to attain the top spot by eliminating the competition.

Tormented Souls

Tormented Souls is a horror game for those who enjoy petrifying entertainment. It was developed by Dual Effect and Abstract Digital and released in 2021. The game draws inspiration from the likes of Resident Evil. It’s based on the story of Caroline, who undergoes a tragedy while investigating the twins’ disappearance and struggles to survive as she explores an abandoned mansion.

Have Fun Playing

Those are the most underrated video games. However, not all players dislike these games, so it’s advisable to try them out before you can dismiss them. Some of the games might just turn out to be your favorites.

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