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How to complete the Grass Is Always Greener challenge in Destiny 2

At often hold championships among employees on the game Destiny 2, so we want to share their expert opinion. In Destiny 2, the Master difficulty for King’s Fall Raid was launched, along with encounter challenges. These encounter challenges operate week by week, starting with the first one during the Totems encounter, “Grass Is Always Greener.” This is arguably the most difficult assignment, as it is extremely difficult and leaves little to no opportunity for error. So today we’ll go through how to finish Destiny 2’s The Grass Is Always Greener challenge.

Destiny 2 King’s Fall Raid Challenge Guide: The Grass Is Always Greener (Totems)

To complete The Grass is Always Greener challenge, players cannot get the Weaver’s Mark or the Unraveler’s Mark twice in a row. This means that, instead of staying on one side during the fight, they will have to constantly switch left and right to ensure they don’t collect the same mark twice. It’s simple enough after a few practices runs to allow players to slow down their rhythms and rotations.

However, for those looking to complete this on Master difficulty to get progress on the raid stamp, it’s a very different story. In Master mode, enemies now have a power level of 1600, which significantly jumps from the normal difficulty of 1560 power. Furthermore, there are now three unstoppable Ogres that arrive during the encounter. These adjustments necessitate extremely close cooperation, since a single kill might wipe out the remainder of the squad.

The recommendation for Master difficulty would be to use exotic weapons such as Gjallarhorn and Xenophage, as they deal excellent burst damage. Blast damage will be considerable throughout the encounter, allowing players to deal with the endless waves of opponents and Unstoppable Ogres more rapidly. Titans and Warlocks will be the best classes to use here, as their healing and stamina abilities will be essential to help players survive the onslaught. As long as the team can maintain their coordination and deal effectively with the Unstoppable Ogres, the only challenge left is to make sure no one takes the same mark twice.

In closing, let’s analyze once again in a simpler format:

  • Don’t collect the same mark twice. Switch back and forth from left to right to make sure of this.
  • Three unstoppable ogres will appear at 30%, 60%, and 90% completion. Use explosive damage weapons to kill them as quickly as possible.
  • Use healing and stamina skills as much as possible to ensure survival. A death may result in a wipe, forcing you to restart. Continue your back-and-forth shenanigans until the Warpriest approves you.

King’s Fall Master Rewards

The Master difficulty for King’s Fall grants players two different types of rewards to seek. After completing each encounter throughout the raid, the first is high-stat rolling armor pieces. However, the stat that the armor is focused on changes weekly. For example, this week’s reward is recovery-focused armor, which means that players may anticipate to receive a high-stat recovery-focused armor as part of their prize.

The second form of reward is the introduction of Harrowed Weaponry, which are Adept weapons for King’s Fall. These particular weapons will drop only upon completing the weekly encounter challenge on Master difficulty. For example, if a player completes the Totems challenge, as mentioned above, they will be guaranteed a harrowed weapon as part of their reward. However, a random tormented weapon will drop, meaning there is no indication of what weapon they will get. However, if they get Chelchis’ Doom Harrowed as their loot, for example, next week after completing the Warpriest challenge, they will be guaranteed any of the other Harrowed weapons. This continues until they finally collect them all.

How to get the King’s Fall Raid title in Destiny 2

Kingslayer is the most recent raid title to be published in the game. Players must fulfill several objectives throughout the raid to get this legendary title. For example, complete all encounter challenges such as the one mentioned above in Master mode. Each challenge is separated weekly, which means players must wait four more weeks to complete the final challenge and claim the title.

That’s all you need to know about completing The Grass is Always Greener challenge in Destiny 2. To get more related information and other Destiny 2 news, including frequent updates on what’s coming up in the universe, check out our related articles below.

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