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How to Make Money As a Teenager Online

Many options are available if you’re a teenager looking for ways to make money online. You can create a blog, make a podcast, or fill out surveys. If you have time, you can even create your website. You can start small if you don’t want to spend hours on the internet daily. These opportunities are perfect for teenagers who want to earn extra money while still in school.


If you want to sell your ebook, you must decide your niche. You can conduct surveys, write question-driven blog posts, or participate in Twitter chats and Facebook threads. Then, research which topics are popular and how to make your ebook more appealing to your readers.

You can also sell your ebook by creating your website. This will enable you to keep the full sale price, but it requires some work to attract customers and promote your ebook. A good option is Weebly, which is a quick and easy way to set up a site and sell digital products.

Fill out surveys

Using your smartphone, you can earn cash by completing surveys as a teenager. Many surveys pay instantly; you can make money by sharing money-making sites with your friends. You can also try Branded Surveys, which pays cash immediately. Another option is PaidViewpoint, which allows you to earn up to $20 quickly. The best survey sites offer rewards in the form of gift cards and e-gift cards. Others offer cash or enter you into sweepstakes. The more surveys you complete, the more chances you’ll have to win a prize.

Creating music

If you’ve been thinking about starting a music career, there are many ways to do so. Among these ways is licensing your music for commercial use. Commercial brands pay millions of dollars yearly to music creators and rights owners. These deals often involve collaborations with advertising agencies, personal managers, and agents. They also provide opportunities for brand partnerships, such as playing at company parties. Some music creators also license their music directly to commercial brands. Instore Media Play and ScreenPlay are some companies that help artists get paid for their work.


Another easy way to earn money online is to create a podcast. Podcasts allow you to make money without having to appear on camera. You can also attract sponsors by running advertisements or directing your listeners to other sites. You can talk about romance tips, college preparation, or side hustle.

Take Pictures with Your Phone

Take high-quality photos and sell them on a stock photo website to get paid. Be sure your pictures are focused and bright. Visit a few stock photo sites to get inspiration. You want to choose websites that have a large audience. One popular site is Shutterstock. This site allows you to post photos and see them from thousands of people.

Create a podcast

Podcasts are an excellent way for teenagers to earn money online without having to go on camera. You can attract sponsors and get paid for promoting their products or services through podcast ads. You can also use your podcast to direct listeners to other sites. In addition, you can talk about topics that interest you, such as dating tips or how to prepare for college.

Write reviews

If you’re a teenager and want to make money on the internet, you can write reviews and earn cash. Many review sites pay their members to write reviews of products and services. You can work from home or wherever you like and write reviews about the products and services you’re familiar with.

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