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Past Posting in Roulette

Past posting is one of the earliest and most complex methods of rigging the roulette wheel. Anyone trying this strategy must scout different tables to avoid being caught past posting. Once all possible bets have been made, no more can be accepted. 

Some people use this method because they might want to win back the money they lost in the past. Meanwhile, others might want to try the roulette cheat tricks just for fun. But always remember that cheating is very risky.

Past posting rarely happens in an online casino because most games are run by software, making cheating harder. When you play roulette online at Joe Fortune, you can be sure that past posts won’t be used in the game.

Roulette Cheat: Past Posting

Some of the shots in the past few posts were taken by professional past posters using a diversionary tactic. Betting on red or black is the simplest way to win. A check can magically appear after the ball has landed if a cheater is nearby. The traditional method is to place a chip under one’s hand on the layout and play from there.

Generally, the chip glides across the baize to the red or black markings with the slightest snap of the thumb. Pushing a chip without showing hand movement requires practice, but timing is also crucial.

Players may lean over the table as a ball is dropped into the rotor. When a slider kicks the check, you must watch the dealers for any signs of heat while your partner, if properly trained, watches the action from above.

A chip under the arm can be used for many different reasons. One tactic is increasing one’s chip count and forwarding one’s cash flow. A similar situation is when a player initiates a wager for the following round but is subsequently told to wait by the dealer.

Past posting is rarely a repeatable strategy because each shot risks buzzing up casino staff, but both methods should be avoided with the same dealer and at the same table.

Teams of players can use a Walter Mitty shot in which they stack chips so that the ledge over the bottom chip conceals a high-value check. If the wager were unsuccessful, the player would replace the large wager with a smaller check.

What’s the issue with past posting?

Each method can work in the right place and at the right time. However, if there is even the slightest hint of suspicion on the move, a quick rewind of the security video will reveal the lie.

Trying to play the turn (disturbing the dealer) in such situations can be an art. Skilled con artists can play teams of dealers and their bosses like an orchestra. They use “charm or harm” to make it look like a big bet so that the person in charge of the game doesn’t care.

The real threat is that modern security systems may track all bets on a layout and see if anything is added after the dealer says “no more bets.”

If someone isn’t keeping a close eye on your table, they’ll at least take occasional glances at it, increasing the likelihood that you’ll be caught doing something suspicious. The casino will review their tapes if your winning streak seems dubious, and they won’t like seeing your chips on the winning numbers.

The Punishment

This roulette fraud is risky because casinos use high-tech, effective video surveillance systems. The casino could take legal action if they suspect you of cheating, but they might not bother unless you consistently win big or have been cheating several times.

Therefore, you must refrain from doing past posting in any casino. You do this at your own serious risk if you decide to try it.


If you play roulette, be fair and legal and hope for good luck. Past posting is a bad way to play French roulette or other types of roulette. This is against the rules of the casino and could get you in trouble.

There are house rules to protect casinos, sportsbooks, and players so that everyone knows what is allowed. A casino employee or croupier will sometimes try to change the outcome of a roulette game.

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