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Scourge Of The Past Raid Completed In 2 Hours


Last week the new raid that’s available only to Annual Pass holding owners of Destiny 2 Forsaken went live. Scourge of the Past was completed in around two hours, and while there was some controversy over which team finished first, that’s since been cleared up by Bungie.

Guardians should’ve now received the notification that a Fireteam braved the City and took back stolen items from a group of Fallen It’s now open for us to collect those items too, by heading into the exact same raid.

Officially it was a group of different Guardians made up from the clan Tier 1. Bungie listed the Guardians as:

  • Gigz
  • RioT
  • gamesager
  • Vendetta
  • Icecide
  • Lunar

The controversial part of the initial completion has something to do with Revive tickets. According to the wider Destiny 2 community, these tickets should have been far more than what was seen in previous raid attempts, or what other Guardians have experienced.

The Fireteam argued that the Revive tickets were refreshed after each stage of each boss. They say that this was why they were able to revive more often than everyone thinks. With Bungie’s confirmation of their success we now know that they were the first ones to finish the raid, and another world first has been claimed.

With a number of different teams competing to be the first to win, there was fierce competition to finish Scourge of the Past first. The fact that it only took around 2 hours compared to the 18 hours it took clan Redeem to finish Last Wish shows that it’s probably not as difficult.

Bungie has already said that new Raid Lairs aren’t coming to Scourge of the Past. Whether or not they’re going to expend on the raid at all is still up for debate, but with the current roadmap there’s no clear plan for that. However, Bungie don’t tell Guardians everything, which means there are most likely still plenty of secrets hidden away in the raid to explore.

Season of the Forge is still evolving, with all of the Forges fully releasing by early 2019. There are still months from then until the beginning of the Season of the Joker, so there could well be a number of different changes coming to Scourge of the Past between now and then. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Image Source: Reddit

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