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A Looming Threat

What is it that the Red Legion mean for the future of the Guardians?

A Looming Threat

Is the Red Legion really gone?

Dominus Ghaul

On September 6th, 2017 Destiny 2 launched and our Guardians entered the Red War. The Red War saw our Guardians stripped of our light by the infamous Red Legion, a splinter cell of the Cabal empire that led a coup against the emperor, and their leader, a power hungry gladiator known as Dominus Ghaul. Throughout the Destiny 2 base campaign we regained our light and eliminated Ghaul and his generals with the aid of the Traveller, but the scars of the war still linger. Besides the rebuilding of the Last City we also boarded the Leviathan to gain acquaintance with Emperor Calus; something we would do countless times and these incursions would gain the favor of Calus himself.

The Leviathan

After Ghaul’s demise, the Legion’s presence would begin dwindling as Calus and his Loyalists entered the solar system. Calus would reclaim his throne and call upon our Guardian for various tasks, including to thwart an assassination attempt by Val Ca’uor in an attempt to reclaim glory for the Legion. The Guardian would eliminate Ca’uor and further fuel Calus’ obsession with the lightbearers.

Val Ca’uor in the Spire of Stars

By the time another Red Legion general would rise to power, the Guardians would have gained the title of “Shadow of Earth” from Emperor Calus, a title bestowed upon the emperor’s personal guards and assassins, and would have lost a mentor in the form of Cayde-6.

Post-Shadowkeep Legion

The Sundial, Season of Dawn

After the events of the Season of Undying, four Psion Flayer sisters would attempt to reclaim the Legion’s glory by using Osiris’ Sundial on Mercury to create a reality where Ghaul won. During this time the Guardian would seek aid in the corridors of time and would bring about the resurrection of Saint-14. Three of the sisters entered the Sundial (Ozletc, the Sky Piercer, Tazaroc, the Sun Eater, & Niruul, the Hollow Voice) making Amtec, the fourth sister, stay behind if they failed. After several unsuccessful attempts the three Flayers merged to form Inotum, Oblivion’s Triune, where the Guardian would put them down for good.

Amtec vowed revenge on the Last City for her sisters murders and in an act of rage she boarded the sun devouring ship, the Almighty, and sent it on a crash course for the city. Amtec would escape the ship before Zavala or Ana Bray boarded. This brings us to the Season of Worthy, a season revolving around Rasputin gaining our trust be divulging his secrets to us, as well as shooting down the Almighty in a live event at the Tower.

Crash of the Almighty

The Heir to the Empire

Caiatl by Gammatrap

The Red Legion has dwindled to a regime of traitorous Cabal. Amtec is in the wind, but the Red Legion now follows the orders of a much more fearsome enemy. Her name is Caiatl, the Princess Imperial, and she is Calus’ daughter. Alongside Ghaul, she staged the coup against her father and eliminated the last remaining Shadows of Calus’ elite guard, something that would lead us to reclaim the Fourth Horseman. Caiatl is a terrifying threat seeing as she was an ace pilot under her father’s empire only to become a ruthless general under Ghaul’s command. However, the Princess Imperial hates her father, seeing him as gluttonous and not willing to step into action, as well as hating Ghaul, for his mindless thirst for power and obsession with the Traveller, believing that true power comes to you.

Emperor Calus

The Darkness

The arrival of the pyramids has seemingly put Calus on the run seeing the Leviathan’s departure on November 10th. This could provide a window for Caiatl and Amtec to stage another assault on the Guardians.

The Darkness’ Message

At the end of the final Interference mission, the darkness brought us into a room with a small pyramid and four races. Among these races were the Hive, Fallen, Cabal, and the Guardians. The Hive, presumably Oryx’s brood, already received the gift of darkness. The fallen, under the banners of House Salvation, have received the gift of stasis. And starting November 10th, the Guardians will receive the blessings of the Winnower. With the fourth race being the cabal and with Calus on the run will Caiatl’s Legion be the next race to receive a stasis upgrade? Does a Stasis empowered Red Legion pose a larger threat than Ghaul’s Red Legion? That’s yet to be seen, but if this does come to fruition I believe our Guardians will need to be much more ruthless to take down Caiatl.

Image Source: Critical Hit

I am, what many would call, a Destiny veteran spanning back to when we first dropped into the Hellmouth to take out Crota. In the coming years I would realize this game was a focal point in the development of my life creating many memories with friends and even helping pull me through some of the roughest patches I went through. When I’m not playing Destiny or writing, however, I’m working as a 3rd shift CNA or effortlessly teaching my fiancé how to play as well (hang in there baby you’re doing great). That’s about all I have to say. Hope you enjoy!!!

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