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What We Know About New Crucible Mode Gambit So Far


Gambit is the new game mode hitting Destiny 2 with the Forsaken Expansion. Over at E3 there’s been a bunch of reveals for it going on and even some gameplay, so let’s dive in with what we know about this new PVPVE mode.

Two teams of players fight enemies for Motes in an arena, and banking those Motes will allow you to send a blocker to the enemy team. The blockers are large enemies, ranging from small, for 5 Motes, medium 10 Motes, to Large, 15 Motes. Every 25 Motes banked opens a portal for players to invade the opposing team’s arena. Buffed, players will be able to wreak havoc on the other side until killed or the timer runs out, which can make for a serious headache for any team.

Once 75 Motes have been banked the boss appears, this is the ultimate goal that each team is working towards. The boss is mighty, but it also comes with the ability for the enemy team to constantly invade. As you can imagine this makes it super difficult, but teams are able to invade the opposition during the boss as well, in an effort to step the tide of invading guardians.

The beginning of each match will see players taunting the enemy team as the new NPC chooses what faction of enemies both teams are up against. A tracker in the HUD shows you how many Motes you have at any given time, the higher that number the higher the risk though, so banking as much as possible is essential. The tracker also shows when a Guardian has enough to drop a small, medium, or large blocker, helping them understand if they need to get to the bank sooner than they’re planning.

An important note on invasions from enemy Guardians. You drop the Motes you’re carrying if you haven’t banked them when you’re killed. If, as an invader, you play your cards right, you can seriously mess up the enemy’s ability to block you and get closer to the boss.

The announcer is useful to a team who isn’t using voice chat. He will tell Guardians when they have enough Motes to summon a Primeval, the end boss of the match. For those who are running around with Motes in their pocket this is a great hint to help them know when they need to get to the bank.

The enemy team is able to compromise the Primeval, bringing it to their arena in order for them to kill. This is only for a limited time however, but even so a team can invade the enemy’s arena in order to kill them, and attack the boss.

There is Gambit loot that can only be earned from playing the new mode, some of which looks to be Exotic. That’s as much as we know for now though, let us know if we missed anything in the comments. check out the video below for some gameplay of the new mode coming with Destiny 2 Forsaken.

Image Source: GameRant

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